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Why you need to be in your newborn's photos | Geelong Newborn Photographer

I often get mums (and dads) who tell me up front they DON’T want to be in their baby’s photos when they come in for their newborn session.

I know how that feels. I had a 37 hour labour (yes really!) and lost a litre of blood so I felt like a pale ghost that had been dragged around by a tractor for a while.

But to this day I regret not having even one nice image of the two of us together when he was an actual newborn, when he was brand new, and i was feeling all the brand new mum feelings as well.

The few photos I do have trigger all those memories but imagine how it would feel to have just one beautiful shot of us together, a tiny bit independent from the blur of the newborn period. A kind of testament to the real feelings we have underneath the overwhelm of becoming a parent. I wish I had that photo.

So when I do have mums come in reluctant to be in the photos, I do try and explain it’s for your baby and future you - the you that will realise it doesn’t matter if you have a few bags under your eyes or you haven’t had time to go to the hairdresser. The photo matters more.

if I still haven’t convinced you, here’s a few points to consider before you make the decision not to be in the photos.

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l can Photoshop You

Yeah I know, I might get a few people saying you should just accept how you look right now and be empowered. And that’s all good, but I tell you what - if you’ve lost a litre of blood and you haven’t slept for a week, it’s OKAY to get a bit of a digital boost! I’m not going to leave your jaundice baby yellow and I’m not going to leave your skin looking blotchy either!

Can you do all those with the selfies you are taking without using a snapchat with bunny ears? Nope, probably not. So LET me do it for you.

What do you have to lose?

If you truly don’t like the image of you, at least you have it. You don’t even have to show it to anyone. If you change your mind in a few years, you can display it, gift it to your partner, gift it to your child or mother or whoever is going to appreciate it. You can look back on it, and love it.

If you don’t take it, you’ll never have it, and you can never go back in time to do it again. There are no re-dos over your baby’s newborn weeks.

It’s Not About You.

I know it’s harsh, but it’s not. Your child truly won’t care if your hair isn’t bouncy. They won’t even SEE all the things you see. They just see their mum, holding them and looking at them the way the mums below are looking at their children.

It’s worth it, believe me.

So what happens If you regret it now?

You can’t go back in time, but you can do something even better and honestly - just start now.

Book a family session or book something I love - Motherhood Sessions. They are perfect for any aged child and are simple and beautiful.

And don’t forget, payment plans are available and totally flexible!


Baby Amelia | Geelong Newborn Photographer

Baby Amelia came in a few weeks ago with her family for her very own newborn session.    My favourite shot of the day has to be the image of Amelia with her little flopsy bunny, as her big sister has one just like it!  I bet when their little bunnies are tucked safely away somewhere years from now, that these images will be bring back all the feelings and memories of the first few years for mum and dad.   Love it.

Baby Audrey | Ocean Grove Newborn Photos

Baby Audrey came in a few weeks ago and not only does she have the most beautiful name, but she had the most expressive little features as well!  Lots of smiles and big beautiful eye contact,  she is going to be one smart little girl. To book your own newborn session just email me at .

Family Photography Geelong_0895Family Photography Geelong_0896Family Photography Geelong_0897Family Photography Geelong_0898Family Photography Geelong_0899

Hello baby!

Family Photography Geelong_0901Family Photography Geelong_0902Family Photography Geelong_0903Family Photography Geelong_0904Family Photography Geelong_0905

Extended Family Photography Session | Klupac Family

Wow!   That's what I can say about this session! The Irvine family had a session with me a couple of years ago and this time Anna came to me asking for a huge session with all her family, some of which were flying in from overseas.    I do a lot of extended family photography so I was excited to shoot it and we planned a great session at the beautiful Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.

BUT - things don't always go to plan!  We had one day only to schedule this session but the weather that week was awful and was predicted to be just as awful on the day of our session.   I hoped for the best but the rain and cold were not letting up and that morning it was absolutely freezing!

So we improvised!  I invited everyone into my home and studio - my studio that only suits small families!  Twenty five people later, we did it.

We had some little family mini sessions in the studio and then some group shots in my converted lounge and they turned out gorgeous :)

Don't forget to check out the LAST two photos where we recreated their family photo from years ago!

Hope you guys enjoyed the day, it was definitely nicer being warm and inside than in that weather.

xxFamily Photography Geelong_0174Family Photography Geelong_0175Family Photography Geelong_0176Family Photography Geelong_0177Family Photography Geelong_0178Family Photography Geelong_0179Family Photography Geelong_0180Family Photography Geelong_0181Family Photography Geelong_0182Family Photography Geelong_0183Family Photography Geelong_0184Family Photography Geelong_0185Family Photography Geelong_0186Family Photography Geelong_0187Family Photography Geelong_0188Family Photography Geelong_0189


Extended Family Photo Session | Barwon Heads

This winter was a bit rough on us and this particular session was held in between days of horrible cold weather.  Leading up to the session I was really expecting the worst, but it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous light!  My favourite little location in Barwon Heads  was a perfect spot. A celebration of their mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary,  this extended family photo session had beautiful little Annie as the star, her grandparents, parents and an Uncle & Aunty who had flown down from interstate.

A really lovely family,  I am not surprised they are celebrating 50 years together, and I am sure their children will be doing that too.    I think it's pretty clear in these photos how rock solid this family is,  and it was definitely my pleasure to photograph them.



Family Photography Geelong_0136Family Photography Geelong_0137Family Photography Geelong_0138Family Photography Geelong_0139Family Photography Geelong_0140Family Photography Geelong_0141Family Photography Geelong_0142Family Photography Geelong_0143Family Photography Geelong_0144Family Photography Geelong_0145Family Photography Geelong_0146Family Photography Geelong_014720150731-20150731-IMG_6238


Baby Photographer Geelong | Baby Adara

This sweet little girl with the gorgeous name came into my studio a few weeks ago and gave me some of the cutest smiles a baby can give you!     At just 8 or so weeks old,   I never worry too much about getting them to sleep at this age because their personalities are shining through and their awake shots usually (and hopefully!) arrive with smiles and all those little expressions that mums and dads will want to remember. Adara also got to have some cuddles with her big brother Callum.

Enjoy xx

Family Photography Geelong_0064Family Photography Geelong_0065Family Photography Geelong_0066Family Photography Geelong_0067Family Photography Geelong_0068Family Photography Geelong_0069Family Photography Geelong_0070Family Photography Geelong_0071Family Photography Geelong_0072

Studio Kids Photography Ocean Grove | The Knights Family

This beautiful little girl came into my studio a few weeks ago.    What a little doll.  At this age kids can be a little shy of strangers but it didn't take her long to warm up to me, and I'm sure my ability to make a total fool of myself with little kids definitely helped! We got some beautiful shots and I really enjoyed this session.  I'm enjoying having more studio sessions when kids are this age as I can really focus on the little details and their beautiful little faces!

Enjoy!  Mum said "it was so nice having a photographer who is also a mum as she knew how to make our daughter feel comfortable at her session" which I think is her nice way of saying I do the silliest things to get those kids happy!  xx