Baby Aaryan | Newborn Photos Geelong

A few months ago baby Aaryan came in for his newborn session in my Ocean Grove studio, at almost 6 weeks old!

One of the best parts of photographing those slightly older newborns is those squishy cheeks and long lashes, of which Aaryan has an abundance!

We designed his session to be full of beautifully rich, earthy colours and I think they suit him perfectly.

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Pat & Mel's Wedding | Wedding Photography Geelong

I only photograph small weddings because frankly, I love the intimacy and candidness that surrounds them.

This particular wedding though, the wedding of Pat & Mel, is such a favourite of mine, because these guys basically managed to sum up in their wedding, everything that is wonderful about weddings!

Mel was such a beautiful and happy bride, so happy I don’t think she could contain it for most of the day and her spontaneous giggles were a highlight! Her beautiful bridesmaids were such a lovely support team, exactly how it should be.

As a couple, I’m pretty sure these guys are meant to be. They met in high school and have been together ever since!

The beautiful flower arch they put together themselves for the ceremony was just stunning, and to have their wedding in their own home with their closest family and friends was just pretty damn awesome. We headed around the corner to Point Lonsdale pier for more gorgeous photos.

It was so great to be part of their day, I loved every minute of it!


And just a bit about my wedding photography - I focus on small, intimate weddings located on the Bellarine Peninsula and up to Geelong.

I shoot ouples who have decided on a small, intimate gathering of friends and family with under 60 guests.  I offer packages that cover getting ready up until the beginning of the reception.

With up to 4 hours coverage, I offer prices that reflect your desire to book a professional photographer without the need for full day coverage.

My packages are perfect for your second wedding,  or low key couples who simply want the main moments captured on their day.

Baby Alaya | Newborn Photographer Geelong

When baby Alaya came in for her session I was pretty excited, as her parents had told me they wanted beautiful, earthy images that would be connected with her name and its beautiful Buddhist meaning of essentially - the soul of the world. The first image below is one of their chosen images and I loved every second of creating it!

Alaya was an alert little babe so we got some gorgeous shots of her with eyes open as well. I tried to include as many natural elements as I could in her session, and I can’t wait to see her back in the studio when she turns 6 months!

Baby Jack | Newborn Photographer Geelong

When Sarah and Adamo brought in their tiny little bubba Jack I knew I was going to basically die of cuteness overload! He was such a tiny, smiley sweet boy, with the LONGEST lashes I’ve ever seen!

His session was just beautiful, we got so many adorable little smiles from him.

If these images don’t get you smiling, I don’t know what will!

Congrats again to his very proud mum and dad.

The Hidden Services of a Newborn Photographer

I’m going to let you in on something that most people don’t realise - being a newborn photographer is not just about the photos.

When you come in with your 10 day old new baby, you are bringing your story with you. Your birth story, how you’re coping with a new baby, with breastfeeding, your relationship, and your experience so far with motherhood.

I’m often one of the first people you’ve seen since you left hospital, and you come in vulnerable, exhausted and having just been through one of the biggest milestones of your life. And you’re about to spend the next three hours or so letting me handle your precious baby, telling me about your birth and experiences, and feeding in front of me.

And so with this in mind, I want to point out a few things that become part of the EXPERIENCE.

1. Listening to you.

Yep, a good part of the 3 hours is spent really listening to you and your experiences, letting you vent, sharing my own experiences and just giving you the space to unload about becoming a mother for the first or second or third or fourth time! Empathy is paramount.

I’ve had parents come in almost at the point of tears and leave feeling they will be fine - because as a mother and also someone who has seen many many parents of newborns, I know just how difficult, stressful, amazing and overwhelming it can be and that sometimes you just need someone to listen.

I love this part of my job and I am grateful that parents feel comfortable enough to open up to me.

newborn Photos Geelong_1567.jpg

2. Newborn Safety and comfort.

I often get parents asking if their baby’s breathing is normal, or is this sleep normal and so on. I’m not qualified to give you medical advice BUT I do have a pretty good idea now of what is normal and I definitely keep an eye on this during the session.

I know that babies breathe erratically or faster sometimes as they enter the first stage of sleep - and I’ve calmed many a new parent’s mind about this.

I know how to hold and handle babies so that they feel secure and have been trained in safe posing.

I know to follow a workflow that is the least disruptive to a baby - such as wrapping over an outfit so that i can work my way from wrapped to dressed to naked shots in a way that doesn’t constantly upset baby.

I know hunger signs and watch for signs of any tummy distress or whether they simply need a cuddle from mum.

I know that babies cannot regulate their temperature so that when they do get undressed, I need to keep the studio warm and at the right temperature.

I know to watch and care for your baby at all times because there is nothing else more important.

3. Your safety and comfort

I’ve told a mum to go to hospital once the session finished, because I noticed she was shivering in my warm studio and I strongly suspected mastitis. She let me know she did have it and thanked me for noticing so quickly.

I try and give parents a little break - they can sit down and relax for a few hours while I settle the baby. It’s just a tiny bit of pressure taken off.

I provide all my parents with clear pre-session guidance and a What to Wear guide, so they aren’t stressed out or confused.

I’m aware of the signs of PND.

And I can recommend amazing and qualified lactation consultants, pre/post natal yoga teachers, massage therapists and other services so you know where to go.

Being a newborn photographer means I am going to spend a few hours with brand new parents in their most vulnerable and exhausted period and I am 1000% aware of this and take it seriously.

They truly aren’t just photos, they are an experience and service and you should always book someone you are confident and comfortable around.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 8.12.37 pm.jpg

Baby Archie | Newborn Photos Geelong

I LOVED this little dude! Archie is SUCH a loved little baby with the most chilled out mama, and it was honestly just a joy to photograph him for her and his dad.

They left me this awesome review recently too -

Natalie did a amazing job with our beautiful photos of Archie we are sooo happy how they turned out highly we recommend her was a lovely experience for us


Archie’s beautiful frame came in today too while we wait for his album, check out how awesome it looks and scroll down to get an even better look at the gorgeous image in it.