Kids Photos Geelong & Ocean Grove | Kayleigh

Little Kayleigh came in to see me a couple of weeks ago for her Turning One portrait session.  This is seriously one of my favourite ages to photograph.    Big personalities, chubby bubba cheeks, lots and lots of smiles!  Kayleigh was ALL smiles for the entire session and was a joy to photograph. What a beautiful milestone to celebrate :)  Happy birthday soon Kayleigh!

Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0369Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0372Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0371Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0370

Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0354

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Baby Photos Ocean Grove | Bianca Turns One

Love love this session -  because how adorable is Miss Bianca?    Little Bianca turned the big One and so we had a Simplicity Session in the studio to celebrate her milestone!   She looked adorable in both her beautiful dresses. This is such a lovely age to capture.  There is still that little bit of baby left, the chubbier cheeks, the wobbles when they walk or stand.    They are so close to leaving that babyhood behind, yet it seems like only yesterday they were born.  It's an age where you can see the little boy or girl they will become, and the baby they are leaving behind.   Just gorgeous.


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Baby Photo Sessions in Ocean Grove | Miss Namrit

This adorable little girl's mama saw her photos for the first time today, so I thought it would be a great time to blog this gorgeous session. I love baby photo sessions! At 6/7 months old, babies have so much personality, funny expressions, lots of smiles (sometimes!) and it's just such a beautiful age to capture. Having these sessions in the studio is also easy on babies, who don't have to deal with hot or cold days and wind!

One of my favourite parts of my job is showing the images for the first time to parents. It's so hard to imagine how the final images will look during the session - parents are distracted, we're all trying to get babies to smile etc. MANY times mums and dads are convinced the session wasn't that successful as baby got grumpy or cried a lot, but then they get to the image reveal and are blown away!

Namrit wasn't full of smiles on the day, and as much as I try to reassure parents, I'm sure they were a little worried about what the end result would be!    But there was nothing to worry about, how adorable does she look?

My baby sessions are very affordable - if you would like to come in for your own, just email me at

Baby Ryder | Natural baby photography Ocean Grove

Even though most of the babies I see are around the same age and have only just been welcomed into the world,   they are all so incredibly different. Some are so chilled they barely open their eyes, some are smiling and interacting so early it's amazing and some are just a bundle of wriggling limbs! Baby Ryder was definitely in the relaxed camp!  He is just the kind of baby who takes everything in their stride, who loves to just watch the world go by.   He was not a big fan of sleep at all, but he was happy and relaxed and that's all you can ask for isn't it?

I always find babies tend to 'fall into' their own little one of a kind positions, and while I do love it when they are asleep and I can pose them so nicely - there is something even sweeter about those babies who are truly determined to have their little hands a certain way!   One day it will be hard for parents to remember these little details, so it is great to capture them.

Ryder's mum and dad wanted some relaxed and natural baby photography, so I hope they are happy with these!

If you would like to book your own newborn session - just click here!

Enjoy xxFamily Photography Geelong_0196Family Photography Geelong_0197Family Photography Geelong_0198Family Photography Geelong_0199Family Photography Geelong_0200Family Photography Geelong_0201Family Photography Geelong_0202Family Photography Geelong_0203Family Photography Geelong_0204Family Photography Geelong_0205

Extended Family Photography Session | Klupac Family

Wow!   That's what I can say about this session! The Irvine family had a session with me a couple of years ago and this time Anna came to me asking for a huge session with all her family, some of which were flying in from overseas.    I do a lot of extended family photography so I was excited to shoot it and we planned a great session at the beautiful Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.

BUT - things don't always go to plan!  We had one day only to schedule this session but the weather that week was awful and was predicted to be just as awful on the day of our session.   I hoped for the best but the rain and cold were not letting up and that morning it was absolutely freezing!

So we improvised!  I invited everyone into my home and studio - my studio that only suits small families!  Twenty five people later, we did it.

We had some little family mini sessions in the studio and then some group shots in my converted lounge and they turned out gorgeous :)

Don't forget to check out the LAST two photos where we recreated their family photo from years ago!

Hope you guys enjoyed the day, it was definitely nicer being warm and inside than in that weather.

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Baby Photographer Geelong | Baby Adara

This sweet little girl with the gorgeous name came into my studio a few weeks ago and gave me some of the cutest smiles a baby can give you!     At just 8 or so weeks old,   I never worry too much about getting them to sleep at this age because their personalities are shining through and their awake shots usually (and hopefully!) arrive with smiles and all those little expressions that mums and dads will want to remember. Adara also got to have some cuddles with her big brother Callum.

Enjoy xx

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