Extended Family Photography Session | Klupac Family

Wow!   That's what I can say about this session! The Irvine family had a session with me a couple of years ago and this time Anna came to me asking for a huge session with all her family, some of which were flying in from overseas.    I do a lot of extended family photography so I was excited to shoot it and we planned a great session at the beautiful Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.

BUT - things don't always go to plan!  We had one day only to schedule this session but the weather that week was awful and was predicted to be just as awful on the day of our session.   I hoped for the best but the rain and cold were not letting up and that morning it was absolutely freezing!

So we improvised!  I invited everyone into my home and studio - my studio that only suits small families!  Twenty five people later, we did it.

We had some little family mini sessions in the studio and then some group shots in my converted lounge and they turned out gorgeous :)

Don't forget to check out the LAST two photos where we recreated their family photo from years ago!

Hope you guys enjoyed the day, it was definitely nicer being warm and inside than in that weather.

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