I love being able to offer digital files, but the reality is, organising wall portraits and USING the images you've paid for is quite a lot of effort, and sometimes in the blur of newborn land or busy lives, it doesn't get done.

These canvas collections are perfectly sized and ready to hang in this form, taking all the effort out of the process.

This way, you get to ENJOY your images.

On top of this, the canvas is professional quality - which means no fading,  and a guarantee they will last over 100 years.

You can add on these Canvas Collections to your chosen package.  Payment plans are available.  

Each collection is named after a beautiful baby I have photographed.

INTRODUCTORY prices will end December, 2018.


The Emma Collection - $700

The Emma Collection is made up of FOUR beautiful 20 x 20 sized Canvas'.  


The Harriet Collection - $600

The Harriet Collection is made up of ONE 20 x 30 piece and TWO 16 x 20 pieces.

The Hudson Collection - $1200

The Hudson Collection is made up of ONE 33 x 33 piece and FOUR 16 x 16 pieces.

(1" gap between portraits)

The Darcy Collection - $800

The Darcy Collection is made up of ONE 30 x 40 pieces and TWO 14.5 x 19 pieces.

(1" gap between portraits)