Geelong Wedding Photography | Doreen & Mat

I'm so excited to blog this session as I LOVED every minute of this wedding.  As you guys know, I am now offering wedding photography in Geelong and surrounds in addition to my portrait sessions, but wedding photography with a difference!  I want to focus strictly on beautiful, small and intimate weddings, with a handful (or a bigger handful up to 50 guests or so!) of guests.    Second weddings and blended families are my thing! I had never really considered wedding photography before because I have been much more focused on capturing families, but a client contacted me asking me to do it because of my family portraiture work and I thought - why not combine them?  Reality is, many couples having relaxed, laid back weddings just want something simple to celebrate the day.   They are not focused on the flavour of the cake or the tiny details and want to focus on their loved ones.  They simply don't need the 6-12 hours coverage that full time wedding photographers are offering.    I consider my wedding photography an extension of my family photography, and I hope that comes through in the photos.

This was the second wedding I shot and I was excited the minute I heard that Doreen & Mat wanted their Kombi & Bug included in the session!  They were the perfect, meaningful backdrop to this couple - colourful and impeccably maintained, it was great to be able to combine their hobby and love into their photos.

The ceremony was beautifully simple, overlooking the waterfront in Geelong.    Funnily enough, it rained on and off for most of the day until the bride arrived and then the sun came out! How is that for a good luck sign!

I wish these guys all the best and I hope they enjoyed their images as much as I enjoyed being part of their day.

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