The Jeffrey Family | Family Photography in Winchelsea

Okay I'm not going to lie, I LOVED this family photography session. Yes, Jeffrey Family, you are awesome and a photographer's dream! To backtrack a little, we originally planned for this session to be in the Canola Fields, but mother nature had a different idea that weekend and the wild weather pretty much flattened them! Luckily, the family had a private property they had access to that was absolutely perfect in every way. The property was the family's regular hangout, so the place and the photos are genuinely going to be tied to this amazing time in their lives.

On top of that, the location was just beautiful - simple, rustic, Australian. Add a sunset and wow!

It was clear the boys were totally at home just playing and having fun around nature too - all the logs, trees, sticks, long grass, it was like one big beautiful playground.

I hope you guys are happy with the images and I see you back in a couple of years!

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Kids Photography | Ella & Jack

I love family sessions but my absolute favourite type of session are kids portrait sessions.  I end up with a lot more time to let them 'do their thing' so you end up really being able to capture their personalities and those one of a kind expressions that only their parents know! We headed to Barwon Heads for Ella & Jack's portrait session.    Siblings can sometimes be hard to photograph together (one smiles, the other doesn't!) but these guys were happy to just play and hang out together, play on the beach and give each other flowers!  Too cute.

I also remember Ella doing MANY hand stands - it's such the thing to do at that age!

These are my favourite shots from the session.  Don't forget to flick through the gallery below to see some of the other great photos.


Natural Family Photography Geelong_0112Natural Family Photography Geelong_0113Natural Family Photography Geelong_0114Natural Family Photography Geelong_0115Natural Family Photography Geelong_0116Natural Family Photography Geelong_0117

Natural Family Photography Geelong_0122

Natural Family Photography Geelong_0133



Natural Newborn Photography in Ocean Grove | Dougie's Family

I've just spent the weekend with my stepdaughter's school project - a 'newborn' doll that is programmed to act and respond like a newborn, requiring intermittent burping, feeding, and changing.   With my own son almost 3 years old, it's been 3 years since I got to enjoy those first few weeks of life with a new baby and the doll definitely made me think back to those times.     Those first few weeks are such a strange blend of feelings - of utter chaos and quiet routine,  days that don't have any discernible beginning or end and the endless cycle of feeds, nappy changes, baths, cuddles, and burps! For those of you who take the time to schedule a traditional newborn session with a photographer, you get a beautiful record of just how small and sweet your baby was for a few short weeks, but what about the other stuff, the real day to day stuff that seems so mundane at the time but you will wish you could remember?

So that's what we did with little Dougie & his family.  We captured how much of a water baby he was in the bath,  his feeding times with mum,  how much he disliked getting dressed out of the bath,  big sister Amelie's smiles, tantrums and playtime with dad, and just a simple day in the life of the family.

Hope you guys loved your photos, I'm delivering them tomorrow :)

Enjoy xx




Lisa & Nathan in Barwon Heads | Geelong Photographers | Surf Coast Photographers

If you've ever booked me before you'll know I send out a questionnaire to each client before their booking in order to get  a 'feel'  for each family and what they would really like out of their session.    I actually get a little buzz when I get each of these through email, it's a little exciting to find out what everyone is after and who I will meet next!   Lisa's comment on the end of her questionnaire was that she just wanted to have FUN FUN FUN, and so I knew in advance that this was a session where we could relax and have fun with it until we got all the shots I felt we needed. I have seriously had a great time meeting really great clients through the local Surf Coast Baby & Kids market, and Lisa was one of those who signed up to one of my Mini Shoot comps and got a runner up prize.    The session date ended up landing on a day of perfect weather in Barwon Heads, so we really did get the opportunity to move around and take our time.  Again, some of you who have booked me for a family session previously might have realised I am pretty hopeless about checking how long we've been shooting for,  and so it's no surprise that we finally finished up the session at almost 6pm!

Little Nathan has the most beautiful eyes, so I knew he'd be very photogenic, but we just couldn't get the little guy to smile!  I'm sure he had us both bouncing around and being silly for a good hour!   I tried every trick in my mental bag!   Every now and then he'd flash his beautiful little smile and so we did end up with a whole variety of expressions, even a few where he looked like he was trying out for a job as a tiny male model!

I also admit that one of my favourite parts of a family session is capturing a mother and child together and so loved that Lisa felt it was really important to be IN the photos.  I totally understand that some people hate being in front of the camera, but some of these images will just mean so much to bubs when they grow up,  and so much to mum, when her little boy is no longer able to be carried around and kissed at whim.

Anyway, here are the images, enjoy!   Was lovely to meet you both and your beautiful products are on their way!



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The Cantrell Family | Torquay & Geelong Photographers

Um, just how gorgeous is this family!? I headed down to Taylor Park in Torquay for this family session, and we really had some lovely light on the day - not to mention an exceptionally cute pair of twins! I've recently had sessions with two other twin families in Torquay, so perhaps there is something in the water!

I had to do a little internal squeee when I saw how these two little brothers were dressed,   a good outfit really does help make the photos pop!    Mr. L & Mr. C were pretty happy little babies considering they had to put up with me moving them around as we chased the shade around the park!

We finished the session across the road at the beach,  just to capture that Torquay feeling a little bit more :)

Enjoy :)





Chloe | Geelong & Surf Coast Family Photography

I wish all my potential clients who are worried their kids won't sit still could have seen Chloe's session!  Many people who haven't had a family photography session before worry so much that their kids won't 'sit and pose' and therefore I won't get any photos,  and yet I can count on one hand the number of 2 year olds who will sit and pose!     After the first few minutes, Chloe found the beach far more interesting than my camera and so she should!     We got some gorgeous photos following Chloe around (and boy did she run around!) - and this way you get images of your kids looking genuinely happy and interested! The other thing I must point out is how the clothing you choose really does shape the 'feel' and look of the session.  Chloe's outfit is really gorgeous, and fit the location and her personality perfectly.  I really encourage everyone to think carefully about the clothing you choose, and I'm happy to give you my opinions on your selections before the day.  I provide new clients with a session guide PDF that has a bit of clothing advice too.

Anyway here is the very gorgeous Miss Chloe, one of this year's Father's Day Mini Sessions :)