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Wilson Family | Ocean Grove Family Photographer

I caught up with this family before the weather turned cold, so the beach was windy but the light  pretty stunning.   I'd love to shoot at the beach all year round but not many fams are willing to brave it when it's been this cold!

This particular spot in Ocean Grove means a lot to the family, so it was pretty special to be able to photograph them here and include this part of the beach and their story into the session.



Family Photos in Torquay | O'Callaghan Family

A few years ago I had a family photo session with these two gorgeous little girls down in Barwon Heads (you can see it here!). Lucinda had just started some wobbly walking and big sister Alice had found this cute little heart shaped clover.

Now the girls are much bigger!  It's always so fun to see returning clients for me, because it's amazing to see how much kids grow and change in what feels like the blink of an eye.  One minute they are taking their first steps, the next minute I meet them and they are chatty little preschoolers!

This time we had our session at Taylor Park in Torquay,  which is a beautiful but under-used little spot.  I always enjoy sessions there as the light is so pretty and the park itself has such a calm feel to it, like a hidden oasis.

We had to move pretty quickly this session as it was threatening to rain the whole time, but as you can see - the girls just ran around in the light showers anyway!  Rain does not stop kids having fun thankfully!

More importantly, this time we roped dad in and got some full family shots!

I hope you all enjoyed your session and I'll see you in a year or two!

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Family Photos in Torquay | The Cameron Family

I love it when I get up to Torquay for a session because I LOVE Taylor Park as a location.    It's got some sweet little hidden gems within and the light can be so pretty.    The best part is, we can just cross the road and head to the beach as well! I met up with the Cameron family a few months ago for their family photos,  back when it was actually warm!  Their three gorgeous kids had lots of patience and lots of time for cuddles with mum and dad.      Little Luke, who was just 2 - was a SUPER daddy's boy and it was adorable to see.

I hope you guys loved your session and hope to see you back next year!


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Studio Kids Photography Ocean Grove | The Knights Family

This beautiful little girl came into my studio a few weeks ago.    What a little doll.  At this age kids can be a little shy of strangers but it didn't take her long to warm up to me, and I'm sure my ability to make a total fool of myself with little kids definitely helped! We got some beautiful shots and I really enjoyed this session.  I'm enjoying having more studio sessions when kids are this age as I can really focus on the little details and their beautiful little faces!

Enjoy!  Mum said "it was so nice having a photographer who is also a mum as she knew how to make our daughter feel comfortable at her session" which I think is her nice way of saying I do the silliest things to get those kids happy!  xx


Surf coast Family Photography | Alana & Ben

Towards the end of the year I often get requests for family sessions from families enjoying a holiday down here!  I think it's a great idea capturing these memories of awesome family holidays, especially if you are holidaying in Torquay! We did this shoot at the lovely Taylor Park in Torquay and then headed across the road to the beach.  An hour later we had some beautiful portraits, playful beach shots and two happy siblings!

Alana & Ben were both the easiest kids to shoot - did everything I asked and had some fun in the process :)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday guys!