The Jeffrey Family | Family Photography in Winchelsea

Okay I'm not going to lie, I LOVED this family photography session. Yes, Jeffrey Family, you are awesome and a photographer's dream! To backtrack a little, we originally planned for this session to be in the Canola Fields, but mother nature had a different idea that weekend and the wild weather pretty much flattened them! Luckily, the family had a private property they had access to that was absolutely perfect in every way. The property was the family's regular hangout, so the place and the photos are genuinely going to be tied to this amazing time in their lives.

On top of that, the location was just beautiful - simple, rustic, Australian. Add a sunset and wow!

It was clear the boys were totally at home just playing and having fun around nature too - all the logs, trees, sticks, long grass, it was like one big beautiful playground.

I hope you guys are happy with the images and I see you back in a couple of years!

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