Baby Amelia | Geelong Newborn Photographer

Baby Amelia came in a few weeks ago with her family for her very own newborn session.    My favourite shot of the day has to be the image of Amelia with her little flopsy bunny, as her big sister has one just like it!  I bet when their little bunnies are tucked safely away somewhere years from now, that these images will be bring back all the feelings and memories of the first few years for mum and dad.   Love it.

Family Photography Ocean Grove and Geelong | Family Portraits

I caught up with these guys a few weeks ago at a bush reserve in Ocean Grove.  Perfect weather after a long bout of totally random rain! Believe it or not, this was their first professional photo session.  Having known Ellen for a few years, I knew she was a tiny bit suspicious of pro photography and family sessions and she really wanted to avoid a feeling like the images were fake or contrived.  Thankfully, so do I!

As you can see though (and yay, these guys were very happy with their session!),  there were lots of real, genuine laughs and the boys had a lot of fun.

Enjoy the photos xx

Newborn Photography Geelong_1025Newborn Photography Geelong_1026Newborn Photography Geelong_1027Newborn Photography Geelong_1028Newborn Photography Geelong_1029Newborn Photography Geelong_1030Newborn Photography Geelong_1031Newborn Photography Geelong_1032Newborn Photography Geelong_1033Newborn Photography Geelong_1034Newborn Photography Geelong_1035Newborn Photography Geelong_1036Newborn Photography Geelong_1037Newborn Photography Geelong_1038Newborn Photography Geelong_1039Newborn Photography Geelong_1040Newborn Photography Geelong_1041Newborn Photography Geelong_1042Newborn Photography Geelong_1043Newborn Photography Geelong_1044Newborn Photography Geelong_1045Newborn Photography Geelong_1046

Baby Ava | Newborn Photos in Geelong

Baby Ava came in a few weeks ago for her newborn photography session and the first thing I thought had to be....ohmygoshthatHAIR!   She has a beautiful head of thick black hair and she is just such a stunning little baby! She also happily slept through the session like a dream baby and we got some beautiful shots of her.  Enjoy xx.


Newborn Photos Geelongfamily-photography-ocean-grove_0639family-photography-ocean-grove_0638family-photography-ocean-grove_0637family-photography-ocean-grove_0636family-photography-ocean-grove_0635family-photography-ocean-grove_0634family-photography-ocean-grove_0633family-photography-ocean-grove_0632family-photography-ocean-grove_0631family-photography-ocean-grove_0630family-photography-ocean-grove_0629family-photography-ocean-grove_0628family-photography-ocean-grove_0627family-photography-ocean-grove_0626

Murray Family | Family Portraits Barwon Heads

The Murray Family & I met up in Barwon Heads for their family portrait session.  We were all incredibly lucky with the weather as the day before had poured down, and I think the day after did too!  But winter is like that - when it's bad, it's bad, but when it's good, the light is soft and beautiful.  It's worth the wait! The family wanted classic, timeless portraits of them all together and that is what I focused on for them.    I hope these will be on their wall for years to come.




Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0341Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0342Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0343Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0344Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0345Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0346Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0347Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0348Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0349Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0350Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0351Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0352Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0353

Family Photos Geelong | Kweh Family

A couple of years ago I had a mini shoot with these two boys at the beautiful Balyang Sanctuary in the middle of Autumn. This time they were back for some family photos in Barwon Heads! My favourite part of this session was realising how by himself, older brother Matthew wasn't a huge fan of being in front of the camera. But hugging his mum? And his smiles beamed out! Nothing like mummy cuddles no matter what age you are!

Ryan on the other hand, was a happy little ball of fun, lots of crazy smiles!

Here is their gorgeous Float Frame (glass free) from their session!



Take a look at these!  Love this session xx.

Family Photography Geelong_0341Family Photography Geelong_0342Family Photography Geelong_0343Family Photography Geelong_0344Family Photography Geelong_0345Family Photography Geelong_0346Family Photography Geelong_0347Family Photography Geelong_0348Family Photography Geelong_0349Family Photography Geelong_0350Family Photography Geelong_0351Family Photography Geelong_0352Family Photography Geelong_0353Family Photography Geelong_0354Family Photography Geelong_0355Family Photography Geelong_0356Family Photography Geelong_0357





Professional Family Photo Sessions | The Byrne Family

Okay I have to admit it - this session was a little scary! This lovely family came in today to choose their images and we are still laughing over this crazy session.

On the day of the shoot, it was almost 40 degrees, hot and humid. It was incredibly windy - so windy I wouldn't have felt safe standing on the bridge!   But it was also eery.  Not one soul was around this normally busy park and we could barely hear ourselves over the howling winds.    The only activity besides us was a gaggle of birds who were standing there on the edge staring at us.  It was all a bit Hitchcock!

On top of that, we had some not so happy kids who were also not enjoying the heat and the wind. With two girls -there is some hair to contend with as well.

So you can imagine what kind of images they expected to see!

But - we did it.    We had to strip off the little one's top and bring on the mummy cuddles just to get a smile, but we got there.

You don't need perfection to have a great session (but it'd be nice without the howling winds next time thank you!)

Family Photography Geelong_0276Family Photography Geelong_0277Family Photography Geelong_0278Family Photography Geelong_0279Family Photography Geelong_0280Family Photography Geelong_0281Family Photography Geelong_0282Family Photography Geelong_0283Family Photography Geelong_0284Family Photography Geelong_0285Family Photography Geelong_0286Family Photography Geelong_0287 Family Photography Geelong_0289Family Photography Geelong_0290Family Photography Geelong_0291Family Photography Geelong_0292Family Photography Geelong_0293Family Photography Geelong_0294

Family Session in Barwon Heads | Michael's Family

"That was SUCH a waste of time and money" said dad Mike after our shoot the other week to his wife Dana."We are never doing photos again until our son can sit and smile!".

When I dropped off the family's images today,  Dana told me the funniest story of her husband's reactions after our session.   Her hubby was absolutely convinced  the session had been a total disaster!

Now to be fair,  gorgeous little Michael had not been in a very 'cooperative' mood that day.  We certainly had to work hard to get his attention, to get him to stay in one spot for longer than 2.5 seconds and he was too interested in the trees and the beach to want cuddles with boring old  mum and dad, no way!

But like I tell everyone, don't worry - I know what I'm getting at the session.

So what happened when I posted the sneak peaks that night?

"Oh my god, she's a miracle worker!"    He loved so many of them it was hard to choose!

In all seriousness, most clients do feel the same, especially before their family session.   Some people don't even book because they honestly think their kids won't sit and behave.     Honestly, they do not need to - there are no magically behaved angelic kids in my sessions, just normal every day kids who run off, have tantrums and never sit where we want them to!

What do you think?   Here are the photos from this wonderful session :)