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Murray Family | Family Portraits Barwon Heads

The Murray Family & I met up in Barwon Heads for their family portrait session.  We were all incredibly lucky with the weather as the day before had poured down, and I think the day after did too!  But winter is like that - when it's bad, it's bad, but when it's good, the light is soft and beautiful.  It's worth the wait! The family wanted classic, timeless portraits of them all together and that is what I focused on for them.    I hope these will be on their wall for years to come.




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Jack & Ella | Kids and Children Photography Ocean Grove

I first met Ella and Jack around two years ago when Jack was just 2 years old and Ella was a 6 year old who couldn't stop doing hand stands!     It's now two years later and they have grown so much, but luckily for me (and their mum!) they are still very sweet and love to cuddle each other!  They are the happiest pair of kids, I don't think I've ever seen a frown! Enjoy!

(p.s  here is their session from a few years ago! )


Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0225Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0226Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0227Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0228Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0229Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0230Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0231Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0232Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0233Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0234Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0235Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0236Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0237Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0238Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0239Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0241Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0242

Family Photos Geelong | Kweh Family

A couple of years ago I had a mini shoot with these two boys at the beautiful Balyang Sanctuary in the middle of Autumn. This time they were back for some family photos in Barwon Heads! My favourite part of this session was realising how by himself, older brother Matthew wasn't a huge fan of being in front of the camera. But hugging his mum? And his smiles beamed out! Nothing like mummy cuddles no matter what age you are!

Ryan on the other hand, was a happy little ball of fun, lots of crazy smiles!

Here is their gorgeous Float Frame (glass free) from their session!



Take a look at these!  Love this session xx.

Family Photography Geelong_0341Family Photography Geelong_0342Family Photography Geelong_0343Family Photography Geelong_0344Family Photography Geelong_0345Family Photography Geelong_0346Family Photography Geelong_0347Family Photography Geelong_0348Family Photography Geelong_0349Family Photography Geelong_0350Family Photography Geelong_0351Family Photography Geelong_0352Family Photography Geelong_0353Family Photography Geelong_0354Family Photography Geelong_0355Family Photography Geelong_0356Family Photography Geelong_0357





Professional Family Photo Sessions | The Byrne Family

Okay I have to admit it - this session was a little scary! This lovely family came in today to choose their images and we are still laughing over this crazy session.

On the day of the shoot, it was almost 40 degrees, hot and humid. It was incredibly windy - so windy I wouldn't have felt safe standing on the bridge!   But it was also eery.  Not one soul was around this normally busy park and we could barely hear ourselves over the howling winds.    The only activity besides us was a gaggle of birds who were standing there on the edge staring at us.  It was all a bit Hitchcock!

On top of that, we had some not so happy kids who were also not enjoying the heat and the wind. With two girls -there is some hair to contend with as well.

So you can imagine what kind of images they expected to see!

But - we did it.    We had to strip off the little one's top and bring on the mummy cuddles just to get a smile, but we got there.

You don't need perfection to have a great session (but it'd be nice without the howling winds next time thank you!)

Family Photography Geelong_0276Family Photography Geelong_0277Family Photography Geelong_0278Family Photography Geelong_0279Family Photography Geelong_0280Family Photography Geelong_0281Family Photography Geelong_0282Family Photography Geelong_0283Family Photography Geelong_0284Family Photography Geelong_0285Family Photography Geelong_0286Family Photography Geelong_0287 Family Photography Geelong_0289Family Photography Geelong_0290Family Photography Geelong_0291Family Photography Geelong_0292Family Photography Geelong_0293Family Photography Geelong_0294

Newborn Photography Geelong | Baby Reef

I don't need to say too much about this session, the photos really do speak for themselves. Little Reef came in to see me a few weeks earlier than expected.  He was tiny and perfect as all babies are, and slept like a total dream for me through the whole session (and not all babies do this part!).

The only sign he was ever annoyed at me for having to move him while he slept was a tiny little frown that would appear on his face after every intrusion.  He would sink back into his happy place after just a few moments.
Newborn Photography sometimes involves a lot of waiting around, for babies to settle and to feed, so it’s a great time to get to know the bubba’s parents.  Reef is his mummy’s first, so we got to talking about how momentous having a baby truly is.  No matter how many times you are told while pregnant and before that your life will change, it’s amazing when you realise how much it really does!  It is the biggest "expected" shock of your life.
I love shooting newborns because you get to be a brief part of this magical time in someone's life.    Even if just for a little bit.    Sure it’s damn hard - you are a tired,  stressed, worried about sleep and feeding and all kinds of things.  But who didn’t lay there for hours watching the myriad of funny little faces and expressions on their sleeping baby?    Who didn't complain about having to get up to feed in the middle of the night, but secretly love those quiet moments where it really does feel like it is only the two of you in the whole world.

It really is an honour being the one to capture each baby's beginnings :)

Here is Reef!

Professional Family Photos Geelong | Kristal's Family

This was a session with a difference!  Mum Kristal contacted me late last year to organise a family photos session to celebrate the year that their Au Pair Mette had spent with their family and kids.    While most of the session was traditional family portraits, they did want some special portraits of Mette with the kids so that she could take it home with her!  A great idea :) The kids clearly loved her too, so it was a great way to capture the memories they made that year.


Family Photography Geelong_0047Family Photography Geelong_0048Family Photography Geelong_0049Family Photography Geelong_0050Family Photography Geelong_0051Family Photography Geelong_0052Family Photography Geelong_0053Family Photography Geelong_0054Family Photography Geelong_0055Family Photography Geelong_0056

Kids and Family Portraits Ocean Grove | The Reeves Family

The Reeves family came into my studio a few weeks ago for a family portrait session with their two adorable boys, Louis and Otis.     Three year olds are notorious for being a little 'difficult' but Louis was so happy to follow my lead and was so gentle with his little brother.    Everything I asked of him, he happily did  -  and with a big, real smile on his face too! Baby Otis was just 9 weeks old but was already full of personality, and a cheeky one too!

These guys were just a pleasure to have in the studio, I hope they love and enjoy their photos for years to come!

If you would like your own family session just email me today at !

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