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Baby Aaryan | Newborn Photos Geelong

A few months ago baby Aaryan came in for his newborn session in my Ocean Grove studio, at almost 6 weeks old!

One of the best parts of photographing those slightly older newborns is those squishy cheeks and long lashes, of which Aaryan has an abundance!

We designed his session to be full of beautifully rich, earthy colours and I think they suit him perfectly.

Leave him some love in the comments xx

Morgan's Family | Geelong Family Photos

A year ago or so I met Morgan and her mum at one of my Mother’s Day mini session events - and here they are back in tow with dad to celebrate their little family.

I love sharing family sessions because each family is so unique that I always know I’ll get something wonderful for them, but you never know exactly what! Morgan was a little patient star that day - which is a big ask for a 2 year old.

I also love sharing these sessions because even though this is just half their session, you get to see all the different images you can get in just 30/40 minutes and a whole love of love.

Baby Ava | Newborn Photos in Geelong

Baby Ava came in a few weeks ago for her newborn photography session and the first thing I thought had to be....ohmygoshthatHAIR!   She has a beautiful head of thick black hair and she is just such a stunning little baby! She also happily slept through the session like a dream baby and we got some beautiful shots of her.  Enjoy xx.


Newborn Photos Geelongfamily-photography-ocean-grove_0639family-photography-ocean-grove_0638family-photography-ocean-grove_0637family-photography-ocean-grove_0636family-photography-ocean-grove_0635family-photography-ocean-grove_0634family-photography-ocean-grove_0633family-photography-ocean-grove_0632family-photography-ocean-grove_0631family-photography-ocean-grove_0630family-photography-ocean-grove_0629family-photography-ocean-grove_0628family-photography-ocean-grove_0627family-photography-ocean-grove_0626

Newborn Photos Ocean Grove | Baby Lillian

Baby Lillian came in to see me a few weeks ago for her newborn session with her big brother and mum and dad.  With perfect features like a little doll,  it wasn't hard for me to get so many sweet images of her.  Her two year old baby brother Edward was such a star too - two year olds are always the most difficult of ages to pose with newborns as their attention spans aren't very long, so this little guy did so well didn't he? Newborn Photography Geelong_0112Newborn Photography Geelong_0113Newborn Photography Geelong_0114Newborn Photography Geelong_0115Newborn Photography Geelong_0116Newborn Photography Geelong_0117Newborn Photography Geelong_0118Newborn Photography Geelong_0119Newborn Photography Geelong_0122Newborn Photography Geelong_0123Newborn Photography Geelong_0124









Baby Quinn | Newborn Photos Geelong

Oh Quinn, you were just a dream baby to have a newborn session with! Baby Quinn turned up to her session asleep, slept through all my setups, and apart from a brief bout of hiccups, she left asleep too!

With a gorgeous head of hair and perfect little features,  enjoy some images from her session.

Family Photography Geelong_0375Family Photography Geelong_0376Family Photography Geelong_0377Family Photography Geelong_0378Family Photography Geelong_0379Family Photography Geelong_0380Family Photography Geelong_0381

Professional Family Photo Sessions | The Byrne Family

Okay I have to admit it - this session was a little scary! This lovely family came in today to choose their images and we are still laughing over this crazy session.

On the day of the shoot, it was almost 40 degrees, hot and humid. It was incredibly windy - so windy I wouldn't have felt safe standing on the bridge!   But it was also eery.  Not one soul was around this normally busy park and we could barely hear ourselves over the howling winds.    The only activity besides us was a gaggle of birds who were standing there on the edge staring at us.  It was all a bit Hitchcock!

On top of that, we had some not so happy kids who were also not enjoying the heat and the wind. With two girls -there is some hair to contend with as well.

So you can imagine what kind of images they expected to see!

But - we did it.    We had to strip off the little one's top and bring on the mummy cuddles just to get a smile, but we got there.

You don't need perfection to have a great session (but it'd be nice without the howling winds next time thank you!)

Family Photography Geelong_0276Family Photography Geelong_0277Family Photography Geelong_0278Family Photography Geelong_0279Family Photography Geelong_0280Family Photography Geelong_0281Family Photography Geelong_0282Family Photography Geelong_0283Family Photography Geelong_0284Family Photography Geelong_0285Family Photography Geelong_0286Family Photography Geelong_0287 Family Photography Geelong_0289Family Photography Geelong_0290Family Photography Geelong_0291Family Photography Geelong_0292Family Photography Geelong_0293Family Photography Geelong_0294