Mums & Bubs | Geelong Family Photographer

I had my first Mums & Bubs Group session a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome!   Seven lovely 10 month old babies over two hours, gorgeous Autumn lighting - it was a dream session.  The group shot did consist of a number of runaway babies who were determined to have a crawling race,  but other than that mishap it all went very well. I got so many gorgeous shots of these babies that I've decided to do one blog entry per bub, because they all deserve their time in the sun!

First up is little Max who has to be one of the most photogenic babies I've seen with those huge blue eyes.  Say hello to Max!

Mothers group or playgroup group sessions are $50 per child, minimum of 5 per booking and are held at Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.


A Very Girly shoot | Geelong Family Photographer

A very girly shoot this time, with a mum and her two gorgeous daughters!   This family session was at Barwon Heads, and the two girls did a great job!  I especially loved the shots of little Alice with the heart shaped clover she found, how sweet is that? I have been photographing a lot of sessions in Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong lately, but I still love the beachy/laid back feel of this location in Barwon Heads.   The sun wasn't in my favour though on this particular day, so we found some cute little grassy nooks and this is the outcome.    Enjoy :)

A Little Girl, Her Pretty Coat & Some Pretty Light | Geelong Photographer

I don't normally blog a session until clients have chosen their images, but this one is so pretty I can't help but share!  (Plus I really need to start blogging the rest of my sessions!)  For those of you wondering why I, and other photographers prefer to schedule afternoon shoots, this is why!  The light is pretty and three dimensional in the late afternoon.  You get beautiful backlighting or just that extra special 'glow' to an image.  An experienced photographer can figure out which way to face you and each image gets that certain magical quality that you only find in that hazy, late afternoon time. It's partly why I don't do any studio work.  I appreciate the many talented photographers out there who produce awesome studio work, but I love the element of surprise in working outside, not knowing how a shoot will come out until you see, play and work with the light.

Of course it helps to have extra cute kids, and little Alexis here is the perfection example of that!  She was a delight to photograph, much better behaved than my naughty little 2 year old who won't sit still for more than 2 seconds.     Enjoy :)

I'm available for family sessions around Geelong, Surfcoast, the Bellarine Peninsula and South East Melbourne!  I'm based in Ocean Grove.  

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Macey & Lachie's Family - Barwon Heads

Some families are awesome at letting the camera and the photographer 'see'  and capture the love they all have for each other and this family was no exception.   Plenty of the kids I meet adore their mum, but it was clear that these two kids LOVE their dad too and it was great to see a dad that wasn't afraid to show it back!  I really had fun on this shoot and it it makes my job easier when a family can be so open in front of me. So there they are, meet Macey & Lachie's family.

Jack's Family Session (Barwon Heads)

I loved this session.    Two year old Jack was so photogenic and the light was perfect for a beach styled shoot.    I had a hard time trying to pick which photos to edit for this shoot, there were just so many to choose from!  Here is a selection of the best.


Here is little Bridget and her family's shoot.  Bridget was such a sweet little girl and VERY easy to shoot.  This was definitely one of those times where I had too many photos at the end of the session! Shot in Barwon Heads again,  this session was just a pleasure :)