Motherhood Sessions Ocean Grove Geelong | Amanda & Kids

I've finally had some time to blog one of my new Motherhood sessions and I know you will love it!  These sessions are brand new and will be permanently available.  Such an important type of session needs to be available, all year round. I introduced these sessions because SO many mums are the ones taking all the photos of their kids or their kids with dad, and never getting in those photos, whether it be because they are self conscious, or just never have the time.

But these images will be absolutely priceless to your children.  They are truly a celebration of motherhood and your relationship with your children.

These guys came in a couple of weeks ago for their session and I hope they loved it!    I have photographed this family a few times but rarely with mum involved, so I'm so glad these sessions convinced Amanda to go for it!

If you'd like your own motherhood session, just click here.

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Nathan, Joni and Flyn | Ocean Grove Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I met up with this little family at the beach in Ocean Grove.  The sky was as blue as can be, not a cloud visible, which as you may know if you read any photography blogs, is not the best!  But this little man was such a happy little soul that we managed to work quickly and get these beautiful shots of them as a family.    In just a few months this little boy will be walking and running, so isn't it amazing we can capture such a fleeting time. Family Photography Geelong_0925Family Photography Geelong_0926Family Photography Geelong_0927Family Photography Geelong_0928Family Photography Geelong_0929Family Photography Geelong_0930Family Photography Geelong_0931Family Photography Geelong_0932Family Photography Geelong_0933Family Photography Geelong_0934Family Photography Geelong_0935Family Photography Geelong_0936

Extended Big Family Session Geelong | Church Family

Thankfully - gone are the days when extended family sessions were filled with awkward smiles, and matching clothes! These days, it's all about capturing your family with authenticity while still wrangling the little ones and organising everyone else.  But you won't capture real smiles without some real fun, so it's important to just let everyone relax a little,  and get the 'in between' scenes in between the more formal arrangements.

We had gorgeous weather even though this was the middle of winter and some happy kids, which is always the most challenging part!

Enjoy xx


Family Portraits Geelong | Gray Family

A few weeks ago, just as the weather started to turn cold, the Gray Family and I headed to a nice little reserve in Wallington for their family portrait session. We played around the willow trees and got so many gorgeous images of them together as a family.  I like to get a mix of the traditional and classic shots looking at the camera, but also some up close and personal images of real laughs and cuddles.

It was a pleasure to meet these guys and I hope they love their images!


Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0373Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0374Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0375Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0376Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0377Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0378Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0379Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0380Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0381Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0382Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0383Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0384Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0385Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0386Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0387Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0388Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0389


Kids Photos Geelong & Ocean Grove | Kayleigh

Little Kayleigh came in to see me a couple of weeks ago for her Turning One portrait session.  This is seriously one of my favourite ages to photograph.    Big personalities, chubby bubba cheeks, lots and lots of smiles!  Kayleigh was ALL smiles for the entire session and was a joy to photograph. What a beautiful milestone to celebrate :)  Happy birthday soon Kayleigh!

Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0369Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0372Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0371Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0370

Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0354

Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0355Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0356Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0357Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0358Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0359Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0360Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0361 Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0363 Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0365Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0366Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0367Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0368








Murray Family | Family Portraits Barwon Heads

The Murray Family & I met up in Barwon Heads for their family portrait session.  We were all incredibly lucky with the weather as the day before had poured down, and I think the day after did too!  But winter is like that - when it's bad, it's bad, but when it's good, the light is soft and beautiful.  It's worth the wait! The family wanted classic, timeless portraits of them all together and that is what I focused on for them.    I hope these will be on their wall for years to come.




Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0341Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0342Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0343Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0344Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0345Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0346Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0347Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0348Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0349Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0350Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0351Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0352Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0353

Mother's Day Mini Sessions 2016 | Three Generations!

Almost at the end of sharing my lovely Mother's Day Mini Sessions from this year and I'm excited to share this one because we got three generations in! Can you imagine how priceless these will be to the boys in years to come?

The best part was that the boys were absolutely in fine form on the day  and laughing and giggling the entire time!  I don't think they stopped smiling once, making for such a happy, beautiful session with their mum and grandmother.

Enjoy xx


Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0286Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0287Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0288Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0289Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0290Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0291Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0292Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0293Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0294Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0295Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0296Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0297Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0298Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0299