Baby Photo Sessions in Ocean Grove | Miss Namrit

This adorable little girl's mama saw her photos for the first time today, so I thought it would be a great time to blog this gorgeous session. I love baby photo sessions! At 6/7 months old, babies have so much personality, funny expressions, lots of smiles (sometimes!) and it's just such a beautiful age to capture. Having these sessions in the studio is also easy on babies, who don't have to deal with hot or cold days and wind!

One of my favourite parts of my job is showing the images for the first time to parents. It's so hard to imagine how the final images will look during the session - parents are distracted, we're all trying to get babies to smile etc. MANY times mums and dads are convinced the session wasn't that successful as baby got grumpy or cried a lot, but then they get to the image reveal and are blown away!

Namrit wasn't full of smiles on the day, and as much as I try to reassure parents, I'm sure they were a little worried about what the end result would be!    But there was nothing to worry about, how adorable does she look?

My baby sessions are very affordable - if you would like to come in for your own, just email me at