Your Concerns | Booking a Family Photography Session

It wasn't too long ago that custom family photography sessions were not the 'done' thing.    I know when I was little, my family never had one! Now it has become very common for people to book maternity, newborn, first year packages, and yearly family photos!

This really is a *great* thing (and not just because I'm a photographer!).     In an age where it's so easy to only have photos on our phones,  it's important we DO have photos to pass down to our children.  Studies have also shown that kids who grow up with family portraits around them have higher self esteem!

But while it is now so common, there are a lot of misconceptions or unknowns about the industry.  Many people have no idea what the norm is,  are worried it just isn't 'them', worried about cost, whether their kids will behave and so on.

So I want to address your concerns on how I personally approach my business, and a little insight into the 'norm' as well!


"My kids won't behave or sit still or will crack it, what's the point?"

I think this is one of the MAIN things holding people back from booking a session.   I can tell you now - most kids do not in any way, behave perfectly for the session.

I have had plenty of sessions (particularly with two year olds!) where the child won't sit with the family, will run off, cries, you name it!

Believe it or not, I still manage to end up with at least 50 gorgeous images for my clients to choose from.  It only takes 1/500 of a second to get a child looking at me or interacting with a parent!  That's all I need !

And if we truly do have a meltdown of epic proportions on our hands, we can try again on another day at no cost to yourself!

Have a read of this session, it should help relieve some of these fears!


"I'm going to get pressured into buying more"

I hate pressure sales just as much as the next person.   I might be a natural born photographer, but I'm definitely not a sales person!

I leave it up to my clients.  I show samples of the products I sell, and I explain their benefits, but that's it.  There is never any pressure to buy anything beyond your inclusive session fee.  I provide the full pricing up front too!

No surprises, no hidden extra costs.

That said, I do want to point out that as photographers, we don't just take a normal print, mark it up x 100 and want you to buy it.  There is a genuine difference between a cheap $.50 print and professional prints.

My prints larger than A4 come mounted, which means they will last longer, won't bend and are easier to frame or store.  They come with a textured overlay that has a UV protection over the top!  And they do look amazing.

For the wall, I love it when people do opt for the professional print, but lets face it - maybe we just want a quick copy for a relative we hardly know, or we just want scrapbook it.  For those reasons, I provide digitals.


"I can't stand the whole matching outfit, posed look, ugh!"

Neither can I!  Which is why I provide a ton of advice to booked clients about what to wear, including a PDF What to Wear Guide.

It's also why my sessions are pretty laid back, natural, with a mix of posed and candid.

Outfits really ARE one of the most important aspects of the session, so I try as much as I can to help you get the best look for your family.

Even studio sessions these days do not have to look stuffy and posed.   Good photographers make it look effortless.

Family Photography Geelong_0123


"I can't afford it, why does it all cost so much?"

It's true, sometimes you can't afford it.  A few years ago, I couldn't, and it sucked but that's how it was.

As a single mother myself, I know how difficult it can be to save up enough and then outlay those few hundred dollars on something that is a want, not a need.

I try and make it as affordable as possible, while still respecting my own time and business.

I offer payment plans that are flexible, and this goes a long way in helping most people afford a session.  I even coordinate the pay days with your own pay day!


I hope these have helped clear up a few things.

Even better,   book today!  Just fill out the form below.