Family Session in Barwon Heads | Michael's Family

"That was SUCH a waste of time and money" said dad Mike after our shoot the other week to his wife Dana."We are never doing photos again until our son can sit and smile!".

When I dropped off the family's images today,  Dana told me the funniest story of her husband's reactions after our session.   Her hubby was absolutely convinced  the session had been a total disaster!

Now to be fair,  gorgeous little Michael had not been in a very 'cooperative' mood that day.  We certainly had to work hard to get his attention, to get him to stay in one spot for longer than 2.5 seconds and he was too interested in the trees and the beach to want cuddles with boring old  mum and dad, no way!

But like I tell everyone, don't worry - I know what I'm getting at the session.

So what happened when I posted the sneak peaks that night?

"Oh my god, she's a miracle worker!"    He loved so many of them it was hard to choose!

In all seriousness, most clients do feel the same, especially before their family session.   Some people don't even book because they honestly think their kids won't sit and behave.     Honestly, they do not need to - there are no magically behaved angelic kids in my sessions, just normal every day kids who run off, have tantrums and never sit where we want them to!

What do you think?   Here are the photos from this wonderful session :)