Nathan, Joni and Flyn | Ocean Grove Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I met up with this little family at the beach in Ocean Grove.  The sky was as blue as can be, not a cloud visible, which as you may know if you read any photography blogs, is not the best!  But this little man was such a happy little soul that we managed to work quickly and get these beautiful shots of them as a family.    In just a few months this little boy will be walking and running, so isn't it amazing we can capture such a fleeting time. Family Photography Geelong_0925Family Photography Geelong_0926Family Photography Geelong_0927Family Photography Geelong_0928Family Photography Geelong_0929Family Photography Geelong_0930Family Photography Geelong_0931Family Photography Geelong_0932Family Photography Geelong_0933Family Photography Geelong_0934Family Photography Geelong_0935Family Photography Geelong_0936