Mother's Day Mini Sessions - Jane, Finlay & Angus | Family Portraits Ocean Grove

So here are with another gorgeous mini session from this month's Mother's Day Mini Session Pamper Day! Finlay and my little boy are kinder friends, so as the mother of a 5 year old, I know how this age can be just a bit challenging when it comes to getting images of them without the funny faces and super cool kid poses!  They are jokers at this age, always wanting to make us laugh and hamming it up whenever they see a camera pointed at them.   It's cute, but you also want to capture those serious moments, when they are their thoughtful little selves, the little boy and girl only mum and dad know.

Then we have little Angus at 15 months, an age which is usually happy one moment, grumpy child the next!  But Angus was full of smiles and cuddles for his mum and big brother.

I loved getting these mums IN the photos with their kids.   I know us photographers go on and on about it all the time, but how many of us used to go through (or still do!) our old baby albums when we were little?    Photos are one of the only ways we can relive these moments.   One day they will be everything!    And as cliche as it sounds, in the blink of an eye these little boys will be men and all of us mums will treasure the photographs of those silly faces, sloppy kisses, snotty noses and muddy clothes.

And once again, thanks to Penney from World Organics for the gorgeous makeup!

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