Mother's Day Mini Sessions 2016 Ocean Grove | Amanda & Jai

Amanda & Jai came to see me for the first time about three years ago (you can check out their first session here) and goodness, they were lucky I didn't take little Archie the dog home with me!   I tried again this time with no luck...:) Seriously though, I love these two!    When you're a photographer, all you try and do during a family shoot beyond the shooting and finding the light is to get people to RELAX.    These guys?  They come to the session ready and willing to just relax, have a cuddle, have a laugh, be silly and just be themselves.  It always makes for such a beautiful session, an authentic session.

It was lovely to see you both again and I hope you enjoyed yourselves!  (Archie is MINE next time! hah)


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