Mothers in business

Mothers in Business | Kate Robinson of Sandy Paws

Back to my Mothers in Business series this year, and this time I caught up with Kate Robinson from Sandy Paws.

Having been part of it once myself,  I can tell you that the dog world is filled with people with lots of different ideas on how to treat and train dogs.   But for those of us with busy family lives, most of us just want a happy, contented dog that is easy to live with and include in family life and activities.


This is where Kate comes in.   She runs a dog training and walking business around the Bellarine called Sandy Paws.

"I started my own business to enable me to do the job that I love and help people and dogs, whilst being able to fit my work around my children and family life"

Fully trained and certified by the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation), Kate takes a balanced approach to dog training - using positive reinforcement where appropriate while still making sure the dogs know who is boss.    The goal is to have happy, well adjusted family dogs so that kids, parents and pooches can all live comfortably together.  With a focus  on working with dogs and their families together - whether it be taking the dogs for regular walks,  socialising puppies,  working to improve dog aggression, lead pulling, and recalls - it's the kind of service that every dog lover might need at some point.

Kate lives with two of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met - Djindi the staffy cross and Illy the cattle dog cross.    Lets just say I got plenty of sloppy doggie kisses in the making of this blog.  Both are rescues and are perfect for dispelling any lingering myths that rescues can’t make wonderful family dogs.

As the mum of two school aged kids kids as well (Sophie and Max) many of Kate’s clients are the same - trying to juggle the demands of family life with the demands of caring for their furry family members as well.       They need a dog trainer who understands not just dogs, but families and their needs too.



Having been a professional trainer since 2011, Kate has had experience in helping hundreds of dogs and families with every issue you can imagine.  Take for example, Leroy.
I followed Kate to see one of her regular clients - an adorable (and huge!) lab called Leroy.   Leroy is scared of walking up stairs, so he, Kate and his dedicated owner have been working on his reluctance, using treats along the way so that Leroy can associate the scary stairs with something a lot nicer - yummy treats.
If you have a dog that could do with some Sandy Paws love, you can reach Kate's website by clicking here or facebook by clicking here.
If you’re a mum in business and would love your own session, just email me  .   Go beyond the headshot and show your real selves to your clients!

Mothers in Business | Penney Headlam of World Organics

  This month I caught up with Penney Headlam - a local mum from Ocean Grove with two little pocket rockets and a growing beauty business.

One of the reasons I particularly wanted to feature Penney in my Mums in Business series is that the Beauty Industry is sometimes a little inaccessible or intimidating, particularly to those of us with ZERO skills in the makeup department!   (yep, I am definitely one of them!)


This is Penney’s strength - she’s completely accessible and relatable - and is all about focusing on women who don’t necessarily have established makeup skills and skincare routines but want to be able to feel and look great.


Penney’s growing business is built around her own qualifications in Beauty Therapy and World Organics - an organic makeup and skincare range that compliments her interests and skills in skin analysis, facial massage and health and wellbeing.


World Organics IS one of many skincare companies out there, but what sets it apart is that there is no pushiness and the ambassadors seem to have real knowledge beyond just the products offered.


I asked Penney why she got involved in World Organics and I’m sure her answer will resonate with many of us!


“Honestly, it started because I wanted a way to be home with the kids and that flexibility, and yet still be able to do something with my passion for health and wellbeing and my background in beauty therapy.  I loved that the organisation was truly organic and ethically run”.


When her two kids (4 year old Fynn & 2 year old Leo) aren’t home (and when they are!) Penney is busy with one on one or group makeup/skin care help with her clients, creating video tutorials of EASY, everyday makeup techniques or delivering all the gorgeous products!

My clients are also now receiving a gorgeous little sample pack from Penney when I package up their beautiful images!


You can visit Penney's facebook page here -World Organics with Penney Headlam

If you're a mum in business and would love your own session, just email me  .   Go beyond the headshot and show your real selves to your clients!

Above you can see Penney doing both a day and night 'look' for her client in her new space.
Like all mums in business -  Penney juggles the demands of being a mother and having two energetic little boys and being able to concentrate and grow professionally as well!

Mothers in Business Series | Angela Fogarty-Mendez from Pregfit

One of the things I have realised since becoming a mother and running my own business, is that there are so many amazing, strong mothers out there doing the same and more and they need to be seen and to be celebrated. And so, as a newborn and family photographer, I wanted to go further along on this journey and photograph the women raising their amazing children while still raising their other ‘child’ - their business!

Most importantly, I wanted to go beyond the ‘headshot’ and show you family life as a mum and business owner.


A few months ago I caught up with the first amazing lady I’m going to celebrate - Angela Fogarty-Mendez from Pregfit.

I met Angela at a local business mums group that I attended, where a bunch of us get together, unload, get inspired, inspire others and work out the kinks in our own businesses.

Angela runs an online business focusing on maternity fitness wear called Pregfit, and one of the things that sets her part is that she is one of the most authentic and thoughtful women I have met.  She manages to infuse this authenticity throughout the business.   Pregfit isn’t a faceless online business, because Angela really does live and breath her brand.

When I caught up with Angela and her two beautiful little girls though, what we talked about and agreed with is how much of a journey being a mother is, and it’s a journey that is rarely seperate from our business. As mothers, we are constantly juggling time for our business and time for our family and a lot of business is done while the kids are running around too.

So here it is, Angela’s life in images. Working from home, with her beautiful daughters Miranda and Bianca, and juggling time, energy, business, family, everything!

And stay tuned! Angela is going to be creating an awesome new blog early next year that will take a holistic and soulful approach to  motherhood and the journey we are on, hopefully connecting mothers to others on the same journey.

Visit Pregfit at .


Angela's office is filled with inspirational thoughts and images - love it!


Some of Angela's paintings that she's started as a creative outlet.  Motherhood opens up so many different experiences.


Story of our lives!  Learning to balance the wants and needs of our kids with a business!