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Family Photos in Torquay | The Cameron Family

I love it when I get up to Torquay for a session because I LOVE Taylor Park as a location.    It's got some sweet little hidden gems within and the light can be so pretty.    The best part is, we can just cross the road and head to the beach as well! I met up with the Cameron family a few months ago for their family photos,  back when it was actually warm!  Their three gorgeous kids had lots of patience and lots of time for cuddles with mum and dad.      Little Luke, who was just 2 - was a SUPER daddy's boy and it was adorable to see.

I hope you guys loved your session and hope to see you back next year!


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Surf coast Family Photography | Alana & Ben

Towards the end of the year I often get requests for family sessions from families enjoying a holiday down here!  I think it's a great idea capturing these memories of awesome family holidays, especially if you are holidaying in Torquay! We did this shoot at the lovely Taylor Park in Torquay and then headed across the road to the beach.  An hour later we had some beautiful portraits, playful beach shots and two happy siblings!

Alana & Ben were both the easiest kids to shoot - did everything I asked and had some fun in the process :)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday guys!


Fun Family Photography in Geelong | The Turner Family

Firstly, thank you all so much for being patient while I moved house and navigated life and business without an ADSL connection!      I'm still waiting but mobile broadband is tiding me over! Secondly,  I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on!   This lovely family from Torquay are about to get their beautiful photos so I thought I would kick off my 'blog catchup' with some gorgeous little girls and their gorgeous parents!

When the girls' mum Clea contacted me a few months ago about a session she let me know she had been watching my business facebook page for quite a  while, so I can only hope their session lived up to their expectations!  The family wanted candid, fun photos and that's what we got.  Remi & Maya seemed to have quite a bit of genuine fun during our session, there was lots of hiding behind trees, running up and down and random cuddles of mum and dad and each other.     The kids brought along their special toys and we got so many candid portraits, I loved how laid back it all was.

I hope the Turner family love their photos and will be back again when the girls are a little bigger!

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Geelong Family Portrait Photographer | Carrie & Tommy

It was a while ago that I had my sessions with Tommy but I do remember it being a bit of a cold and wet week in Geelong.   It was one of those days all of us mums have every now and then (or weekly for some of us!) where not everything runs smoothly.   A few minutes after we both arrived at the location,  we realised Tommy had no shoes with him, and between us we couldn't find any blankets for the ground. Tommy was really a joy to shoot though.    I have some hilarious, sweet and funny little people in my travels as a photographer, but Tommy really did stand out as someone special.    I remember holding him while his mum went to check our the blanket situation, and playing the 'where's mummy' toddler game with him (is she in the tree?  "noooo!"), but he wouldn't take his eyes off the spot where his mum had gone.

We did manage to get some shoes (too big though, so as cute as they are in the photos, he then promptly chucked them off), and a blanket, and some happy, smiley photos.

I decided do a second session for Tommy so we could get the relaxed mum & bub shots I wanted for them though.   The second session took place in Barwon Heads and we got gorgeous weather this time.  I had to tow along my own little boy for the first time ever (and um, never again!), who proceeded to drop the twisties I'd given him as a bribe to be quiet for half an hour and chucked a tantrum!  Luckily Tommy was such an easy baby to photograph that I got a ton of shots the second time around and more than enough to complete his session.






The Cantrell Family | Torquay & Geelong Photographers

Um, just how gorgeous is this family!? I headed down to Taylor Park in Torquay for this family session, and we really had some lovely light on the day - not to mention an exceptionally cute pair of twins! I've recently had sessions with two other twin families in Torquay, so perhaps there is something in the water!

I had to do a little internal squeee when I saw how these two little brothers were dressed,   a good outfit really does help make the photos pop!    Mr. L & Mr. C were pretty happy little babies considering they had to put up with me moving them around as we chased the shade around the park!

We finished the session across the road at the beach,  just to capture that Torquay feeling a little bit more :)

Enjoy :)





Chloe | Geelong & Surf Coast Family Photography

I wish all my potential clients who are worried their kids won't sit still could have seen Chloe's session!  Many people who haven't had a family photography session before worry so much that their kids won't 'sit and pose' and therefore I won't get any photos,  and yet I can count on one hand the number of 2 year olds who will sit and pose!     After the first few minutes, Chloe found the beach far more interesting than my camera and so she should!     We got some gorgeous photos following Chloe around (and boy did she run around!) - and this way you get images of your kids looking genuinely happy and interested! The other thing I must point out is how the clothing you choose really does shape the 'feel' and look of the session.  Chloe's outfit is really gorgeous, and fit the location and her personality perfectly.  I really encourage everyone to think carefully about the clothing you choose, and I'm happy to give you my opinions on your selections before the day.  I provide new clients with a session guide PDF that has a bit of clothing advice too.

Anyway here is the very gorgeous Miss Chloe, one of this year's Father's Day Mini Sessions :)


The Keeble Family | Geelong Family Photography

Please excuse the blog while I am (slowly) redesigning it.  In between my toddler and all the sessions I've been doing lately, the website has to fit in there somewhere!    But I have a ton of sessions to show you and as I just sent off the Keeble's Family's session to them, I thought I'd start there! My favourite sessions are family photography sessions with a 2-3  kids, because not only do you get such a variety of photos with all those inter-family relationships and moments,  you also get a chance to separate each child individually and everyone gets a chance to see just how much their child has grown up or turned into a real little person.    It's almost like turning a spotlight on someone you see every day.

The Keeble family were no exception!   The eldest two kids are at an age where kids can 'over pose' at sessions and grins get a little cheesy, so the challenge is to make them genuinely have fun, laugh, or just catch them when they have forgotten I am there! We chose Barwon Heads as a location because the family wanted a beachy/natural feel to the session, and I'm glad we did as it really suited them.

Enjoy!  It was lovely to meet you all and I hope you love your photos.