Geelong Family Portrait Photographer | Carrie & Tommy

It was a while ago that I had my sessions with Tommy but I do remember it being a bit of a cold and wet week in Geelong.   It was one of those days all of us mums have every now and then (or weekly for some of us!) where not everything runs smoothly.   A few minutes after we both arrived at the location,  we realised Tommy had no shoes with him, and between us we couldn't find any blankets for the ground. Tommy was really a joy to shoot though.    I have some hilarious, sweet and funny little people in my travels as a photographer, but Tommy really did stand out as someone special.    I remember holding him while his mum went to check our the blanket situation, and playing the 'where's mummy' toddler game with him (is she in the tree?  "noooo!"), but he wouldn't take his eyes off the spot where his mum had gone.

We did manage to get some shoes (too big though, so as cute as they are in the photos, he then promptly chucked them off), and a blanket, and some happy, smiley photos.

I decided do a second session for Tommy so we could get the relaxed mum & bub shots I wanted for them though.   The second session took place in Barwon Heads and we got gorgeous weather this time.  I had to tow along my own little boy for the first time ever (and um, never again!), who proceeded to drop the twisties I'd given him as a bribe to be quiet for half an hour and chucked a tantrum!  Luckily Tommy was such an easy baby to photograph that I got a ton of shots the second time around and more than enough to complete his session.