Morgan's Family | Geelong Family Photos

A year ago or so I met Morgan and her mum at one of my Mother’s Day mini session events - and here they are back in tow with dad to celebrate their little family.

I love sharing family sessions because each family is so unique that I always know I’ll get something wonderful for them, but you never know exactly what! Morgan was a little patient star that day - which is a big ask for a 2 year old.

I also love sharing these sessions because even though this is just half their session, you get to see all the different images you can get in just 30/40 minutes and a whole love of love.

Breamlea Family Session | Geelong Photographer

Late last year I headed to Breamlea for this family session.  Breamlea has been their special place since living down this way and well, you don't get a better beach than this!    We had kids and dogs and snacks and wind to coordinate but hey, we got there!  


Natural Baby Photos Ocean Grove | Baby Caelan

Picking a Newborn Photographer is hard.   There are many talented photographers out there, and we all have different styles.  Posed, unposed, simple, colourful, props,  - there are many ways to photograph newborns! Me?  I love those tiny little faces.  Pink lips, full cheeks - that's what I focus on!  I keep props to a minimum and just focus on baby -  because I could buy a million different coloured wraps and baskets and flowers but not one of them would be as gorgeous as the little person in front of me.

Here is beautiful little Caelan.




The Cantrell Family | Torquay & Geelong Photographers

Um, just how gorgeous is this family!? I headed down to Taylor Park in Torquay for this family session, and we really had some lovely light on the day - not to mention an exceptionally cute pair of twins! I've recently had sessions with two other twin families in Torquay, so perhaps there is something in the water!

I had to do a little internal squeee when I saw how these two little brothers were dressed,   a good outfit really does help make the photos pop!    Mr. L & Mr. C were pretty happy little babies considering they had to put up with me moving them around as we chased the shade around the park!

We finished the session across the road at the beach,  just to capture that Torquay feeling a little bit more :)

Enjoy :)