A Little Girl, Her Pretty Coat & Some Pretty Light | Geelong Photographer

I don't normally blog a session until clients have chosen their images, but this one is so pretty I can't help but share!  (Plus I really need to start blogging the rest of my sessions!)  For those of you wondering why I, and other photographers prefer to schedule afternoon shoots, this is why!  The light is pretty and three dimensional in the late afternoon.  You get beautiful backlighting or just that extra special 'glow' to an image.  An experienced photographer can figure out which way to face you and each image gets that certain magical quality that you only find in that hazy, late afternoon time. It's partly why I don't do any studio work.  I appreciate the many talented photographers out there who produce awesome studio work, but I love the element of surprise in working outside, not knowing how a shoot will come out until you see, play and work with the light.

Of course it helps to have extra cute kids, and little Alexis here is the perfection example of that!  She was a delight to photograph, much better behaved than my naughty little 2 year old who won't sit still for more than 2 seconds.     Enjoy :)

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