Natural Family Photography in Barwon Heads | Amanda & Jai

As a photographer,  I can tell you that families like this one make my job very easy.    Jai is one very lucky kid because it was clear as day how much his mum Amanda adores him and it shone through in every single photo.   Despite being at an age where some kids are not as 'free' with their affections anymore, Jai was just as sweet and cuddly with his mum - I didn't have to ask them both to have a cuddle, it just happened naturally.  I can only hope that when my little boy is older that we'll be as close as these two. Amanda is not going to be surprised that I'll also have to mention how GORGEOUS their dog is - you are both still lucky I didn't run away with him!  I'm normally a big-dog person but little Archie was such a sweet little dog - at one point he just ran over to me and sat on my knee while I took photos of his family!    I think it's especially awesome when families want to include their dog at their session.   Having images of their childhood dog will be so important one day to so many kids - I really encourage including them and bringing them along to the session.

This was one of my Christmas mini sessions but honestly we packed so much fun into 20 minutes it felt like a full hour!

While I would like to take credit for this session, the real beauty of it is because of how much love and fun I was getting to work with.    You guys were an absolute pleasure to shoot, and I am so glad you loved your images.

Enjoy everyone!