How to rock your family photography session | Geelong Family Photographer

I recently re-edited this session as the family were getting a print done and I couldn't resist! This has been one of my favourite sessions for a while, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a few tips on how you can get a similar result.

Tip #1 - Be Hands On

Photos basically 'exaggerate' everything, so if someone is standing just a little too far away, the whole 'composition' of the photo falls apart as it becomes very noticeable.  Soooo, when it comes to your family photos, BE physically affectionate with your kids and partner.

Hugs, kisses, tickles - they all come across amazingly in photos.   If you aren't a touchy feely family that's fine,  just be a bigger version of yourselves.  It's a little like stage makeup, it's exaggerated because everyone sits so far away.  Photos are the same, they capture only a split second in time so make that second strong by showing affection.


Tip #2 -  Get dad on board

Yep, it's very common that dad has been "convinced" to go to this 'photo thing' and isn't exactly happy to be there.    While some dads do warm up pretty quickly, some remain a little unsure and this is where pre-prepping him is the way to go.  I don't mean manipulate or tell him he must look happy or ELSE!  I mean communicate why you really want this, how important it is to you and how important it will be for the kids in the future.


Tip #3 - Worry about yourself

Once of the biggest issues in doing an actual family shot is that mum and dad are so busy checking out how the kids look that they are always looking down or looking worried!   Let your photographer handle it - if the kids aren't smiling or look grumpy, I'll let you know and we'll try some tricks, but if I'm not saying anything just relax and hug your family, it will help me get the photo that ends up on your wall.

Tip #4 -  Be flexible about the time of day

Don't try and fit in your session on a really busy day where you can only make it at 12pm.  Different times of the day will completely change the whole feel of your session!  The session below was late afternoon, and the backlighting really suited everyone's clothing choices as well.    Even if the kids are going to have to stay up just that little bit later, it will be worth it.   Lighting is almost everything!



Tip 5#  - Younger kids = lots of sleep!

Yep, do everything you can to make sure your kids have some nice, relaxing days prior to the session and get lots of sleep.   While sleep issues can be unavoidable (trust me, I know!), just do your best and give them the best possible chance to be in a great mood.  Don't feed them anything sugary beforehand and prep kids even as young as 2 with what's going to happen, make it sound lots of fun!  Schedule sessions on a slow social week so that no one is tired or cranky from being out and about too much.




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