Including Dad - 5 Tips to get "Dad" on board!

  Dads can sometimes be a bit difficult to convince on the merits of a professional family photo session.  Not because they don't adore their family, but they usually spend less time 'online' and being exposed to the idea of a custom photography session.  Many think it will be a matter of posing their child or family in a sterile studio and they simply can't get enthused about the whole experience.  So here are the most common objections Dads have and some ideas on how to talk to him about it.


"I don't have time".

It's true, who has time these days for things that don't sound fun?

Make the day fun!   It's a one off or yearly occasion that can be made into more - go out for an icecream afterwards with the kids, take them to the park, go out for lunch, just make the whole experience a day focused on your family. Even if he finds the prospect of the photo taking portion of the day pretty boring,  schedule it on weekend that isn't busy and where everyone can relax afterwards.


"We can do it ourselves"

If you try and do it yourself, one of you is going to be either out of the photo or seriously stressed!   If mum is going to try and attempt the family photos with a tripod and a timer, is she also going to be calming child number 2 as well as getting child number 1 to look a bit happier!?  And wait, child number 3 just got some snot on them!

If you can do it yourself, you would have done it by now.  Don't let it fall into the too hard basket, just hire a professional like you would any other service for your family.

"It costs too much"

Well it does cost, like any other service.  But these days most photographers have reasonable payment plans, or you can save up.  There are photographers to suit most budgets.

The photos aren't just for you.  They will be yours for now, and they will look beautiful on your walls and in albums, but as someone who lost her father over 10 years ago now, I can tell you that photos of you with your kids will be priceless one day.


"It's too awkward"

It doesn't have to be.   Yep,  men especially hate having to be affectionate on cue, but with my longer lens I am not in your face and forcing you to pose in certain ways.    I get families all the time who start off a little 'ummm, what do we do" and by the end of the session are laughing and joking with each other.

It's usually the dad who gets the kids laughing and smiling too, as they throw them up in the air and tickle them till they can't breathe!

Show him some modern family photography sessions and how natural and fun they can be these days.


"I don't get it"

Reality is, it's usually mum who is chatting to me, choosing me and booking me.  Get him involved, it should be a joint decision from the get-go.  No one likes to turn up not knowing all the details, so please share all the information I send out together.   If people have a 'say' in something, they are usually more invested in the whole process.


I've had plenty of dads tear up when they finally see the images.  Sometimes it's simply a matter of someone not being able to visualise their own family being captured.  It can feel a little raw too, there's not many occasions where you stand in  front of a relative stranger trying to show all the love you feel for each other!  But it is worth it, trust me.





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