Baby Evelyn | Ocean Grove Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Evelyn came in a few weeks ago for her newborn session.  She looks like such a little doll in these images, and check out that eye contact.  Having seen her today so mum and dad can see their images, rest assured this little one is only getting cuter! Enjoy xx


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Natural Maternity Session in Ocean Grove | Tania

So many women are held back from a maternity session for so many reasons - usually to do with stretch marks, "imperfect" bellies or other body issues that get magnified in pregnancy.  I totally understand - I still have my stretch marks and imperfect belly and my 'baby' is now three years old!     The reality is, you don't need to 'bare' anything to have a beautiful, natural maternity session, especially when we live in such a nice part of the world with perfect natural backdrops. This session with Tania was a few months ago now, when the pretty canola fields were in full bloom.    Coupled with Tania's choice of dress (which really does look awesome), the session couldn't have gone better - with gorgeous light, two gorgeous settings and a gorgeous lady in a dress!  These images were a surprise gift for hubby, so I do hope he loved them!

I feel so strongly about getting these sessions done for women who truly want them but are being held back by something that I'm going to offer $150 OFF my maternity sessions for anyone who comments on this post up until the end of February!

Enjoy the images!