A Girl & Her Dog | Family, Children & Pet Photographer Geelong

I thought I would change the pace a little and show everyone this series of images I took the other day of my step daughter and the big hairy collie we 'share' called Rainer (yep, 50/50 doggie custody here). I grew up desperately wanting a Collie Rough (yep this is the same breed as Lassie) but my parents were German Shepherd lovers and it wasn't until I was an adult that I was able to finally have my own Collie.  Until then I had to make do with watching the original Lassie Come Home movie on repeat.    Now I live with four Collies and occasional fosters but I still get excited every time I see one on the street!

A boy and his dog is such a common sentiment, but girls have doggie best friends too.   So here is my little post celebrating just how awesome it is for kids to grow up with their own special dog (or four).

If your child has a special furry friend I'm happy to put together a little "Best Friends" mini shoot.  Contact me :)