Ben & Brett's Session in Geelong | Couples, Pets photography Geelong

Brett & Ben's session was actually a very cool gift idea from one of their best friends, a lovely idea for a Christmas gift.   Sometimes these can go a bit wrong - if the recipients of the gift are only getting the session done because it's paid for, and not because they want to.  But I could tell these guys were interested, just worried about being in front of the camera (as most of us are!). But add in a big friendly dog, a dog loving photographer and some dog loving clients and well, of course it's going to go well!  After quite a few reschedules because of the weather, we FINALLY got to do this session almost a year after they were gifted!  We got some lovely weather down at Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong and there were not too many dogs or people around to distract Mason.

Ben & Brett were pretty open about not being huge fans of being in front of the camera, so I think they were just a bit surprised how well everything turned out.     I'm always telling everyone that it's never as bad or awkward as you think it's going to be, but I guess the proof is in the pudding, and some nice words!

"As we are not people who like the 'limelight', we were intimidated about not being comfortable with a stranger taking our pictures. But we had nothing to worry about, you really helped us feel completely comfortable and relaxed.  

We were not worried about Natalie's ability to take a beautiful photo, but more worried that we would not be relaxed enough to look good in it! Natalie made us feel comfortable and because of that, caught some really great moments! We couldn't be happier with the results!"

Enjoy!  (I hope your friend  was also happy with the result!!)