Geelong Family Dog Portrait Photographer | Ryan & Laura

Ryan is an old dog.    He's looking weathered, his back legs aren't doing the best job at keeping him steady, and he sleeps most of the day now, but his enthusiasm for food and cuddles definitely hasn't waned one bit.  He will try and walk straight through furniture in order to get to where he thinks some food may be, leaving a dog shaped trail of destruction in his wake. As we keep being told by a certain someone, we think Ryan is over 70 years old in doggie/human years (that means he's around 10/11 in real years!).  We only think, because Ryan is a rescue dog.

While he is 'technically' her dad's dog,  Laura has claimed him as her own for years.   There are plenty of photos floating around with Ryan dressed up in a dress, or wearing a hat, or having had a blankie and pillow carefully placed around him while he slept.

So, as dogs unfortunately don't live forever, we thought we'd get Ryan all groomed up and take him and Laura out for their own session.     There's nothing quite like growing up with  a dog you love, and just like a first love, they'll be the dog that you'll always measure all other dogs against.  No other dog will be as loyal, or as perfect as that one dog that spent your childhood with you.

I offer special "The Family Dog" sessions, contact me :)