Baby Darcy | Geelong Newborn Photos

These guys travelled all the way from Melbourne for their newborn session, which is always a pretty awesome thing for me - it means they are truly invested in my style.

Other than gorgeous shots of their newest little man, they really wanted simple and natural family shots - something we hopefully achieved.

Leave some love for this little boy and his fam - he was the sweetest little bubba and so clearly loved to the moon and back by his people.

Shannon & Clint's Wedding | Geelong Wedding Photographer

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this gorgeous Bellarine wedding - everyone was so happy and joyful, I think I spent most of it with a smile plastered on my face!

I hadn’t photographed a wedding here before at Rusty Gate Weddings but I wish I had, it was gorgeous!

I have no doubt these two were made for each other and I’m so happy I got to see day one of their life long marriage.

Capturing Baby Smiles - 5 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Baby

Although I strongly recommend getting a professional session when bubs is 2 weeks or under, this doesn’t mean you’re not going to want some sweet photos of your bubs during all the other weeks! Here are 5 tips to really do help!

RULE NUMBER ONE though - Do NOT attempt any of the ‘pinterest’ poses you may have seen online. This includes placing babies in buckets, bowls and more.

As a professional, I have spent over ten thousand dollars on learning newborn posing and SAFETY.

This was AFTER I became a mother - so please believe me - for the safety of your baby - do not pose them using poses you’ve seen on the internet. These poses are for professionally trained newborn photographers only.


Here’s the thing, no - we don’t have some super secret way to get smiles out of your baby. What we DO know is when they are most likely to be smiling.

Babies smile in the first few weeks as a reflex and this reflex comes out during the first stage of sleep.

Almost all newborn baby smiles come out during this time, so be prepared as you are putting your baby down and they start to hit that very light sleepy stage, where their eyes roll back sometimes or they have funny little facial expressions.

This is when the smiles happen.

Most parents miss this because they put their baby down to sleep then walk out of the room - so if you want baby smiles, this is the time to get it!



One of the reasons we want babies asleep during a session is because they have tiny little flailing arms they cannot control! It doesn’t make for a relaxed, beautiful image, as cute as those chubby arms are.

So if you want to make it easy on yourself, wrap baby SNUGGLY - enough so that they don’t feel like they can get their arms out and spend all that time trying to wriggle their way out of it.

This helps with baby sleep too - a well wrapped baby is a content baby!

If they prefer arms up that’s fine - bring their little arms up just under their chin and then wrap twice tightly (and safely) over their arms and then the rest of them.

Once they are nicely wrapped and sleepy, it’s much easier to get a sweet little shot.



One of the biggest tips I can give you if you’re posing bubs straight on your bed, is to put a little rolled up face washer or similar underneath the covers, just under their head.

Babies don’t look their best laying ‘flat’, and one of the reasons our photos look so different is that we understand the angles that make baby look his best.

Raising the head ever so slightly will make all the difference to your photo.



As a professional I can see what light looks great and how to utilise it with my equipment.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start to look around your home for the best spots either!

Light needs to be diffused, and that’s what helps babies look soft, sweet and with that deliciously creamy skin - so placing a baby right near a window isn’t going to get the same effect.

If you can, open up the blinds, hang a thin white sheet over the window and then place baby nearby on something safe. You’ll get a much softer appearance to your photo and baby won’t be squinting around staring out the window!



Anyone who has been to my studio knows that pretty much every thing I own for the babies has texture - soft fluff, wool, anything that is going to bring out the best for baby.

Don’t go out and spend a lot of money - even Kmart has some nice little scarfs you can use as wraps.

Faux mohair looks great, anything which is soft and matte. A nice plain doona cover is great too if you’re after more of a lifestyle shot.


Those are my 5 tips! While nothing replaces the kind of session you can get with myself and other professionals, your baby is only small for the briefest of times, so make the most of it.

Why you need to be in your newborn's photos | Geelong Newborn Photographer

I often get mums (and dads) who tell me up front they DON’T want to be in their baby’s photos when they come in for their newborn session.

I know how that feels. I had a 37 hour labour (yes really!) and lost a litre of blood so I felt like a pale ghost that had been dragged around by a tractor for a while.

But to this day I regret not having even one nice image of the two of us together when he was an actual newborn, when he was brand new, and i was feeling all the brand new mum feelings as well.

The few photos I do have trigger all those memories but imagine how it would feel to have just one beautiful shot of us together, a tiny bit independent from the blur of the newborn period. A kind of testament to the real feelings we have underneath the overwhelm of becoming a parent. I wish I had that photo.

So when I do have mums come in reluctant to be in the photos, I do try and explain it’s for your baby and future you - the you that will realise it doesn’t matter if you have a few bags under your eyes or you haven’t had time to go to the hairdresser. The photo matters more.

if I still haven’t convinced you, here’s a few points to consider before you make the decision not to be in the photos.

untitled shoot526-Edit.jpg

l can Photoshop You

Yeah I know, I might get a few people saying you should just accept how you look right now and be empowered. And that’s all good, but I tell you what - if you’ve lost a litre of blood and you haven’t slept for a week, it’s OKAY to get a bit of a digital boost! I’m not going to leave your jaundice baby yellow and I’m not going to leave your skin looking blotchy either!

Can you do all those with the selfies you are taking without using a snapchat with bunny ears? Nope, probably not. So LET me do it for you.

What do you have to lose?

If you truly don’t like the image of you, at least you have it. You don’t even have to show it to anyone. If you change your mind in a few years, you can display it, gift it to your partner, gift it to your child or mother or whoever is going to appreciate it. You can look back on it, and love it.

If you don’t take it, you’ll never have it, and you can never go back in time to do it again. There are no re-dos over your baby’s newborn weeks.

It’s Not About You.

I know it’s harsh, but it’s not. Your child truly won’t care if your hair isn’t bouncy. They won’t even SEE all the things you see. They just see their mum, holding them and looking at them the way the mums below are looking at their children.

It’s worth it, believe me.

So what happens If you regret it now?

You can’t go back in time, but you can do something even better and honestly - just start now.

Book a family session or book something I love - Motherhood Sessions. They are perfect for any aged child and are simple and beautiful.

And don’t forget, payment plans are available and totally flexible!


Torquay Family Photography Session | Schmidt Family

I LOVED this session.

They do say never work with kids and animals and yet I often combine both and expect it to be a tiny bit difficult! But this session was pretty magical as we had this gorgeous little 10 month old and his big pooch and they were both…um, pretty AMAZING.

Even with the slightly cold, overcast day this little one was all smiles!

It’s always a serious pleasure to photograph laid back, happy families on the beach and this is a totally perfect example.

This session was a Christmas gift for grandma so I hope she loved it!

Leave some love for little Finn, his mum, dad, aunty and pooch.