Macrae Family | Ocean Grove Family Photographer

There are a few things that need to happen for a family session to be as beautiful as you imagined, but one of the biggest things is light.  Us photographers are always telling everyone how much it matters so I'm saying it again - it is 100% worth risking your children's moods in order to grab this kind of light!  Even if little Johnny normally sleeps at 7pm, one day, where he is too interested to be that tired anyway, won't hurt.      Most of the time, they are absolutely fine, and I take advantage of the novelty of it all! So with the benefit of these guys being friends, I convinced them to drag out their two boys as the sun was setting to this little spot in Wallington and we got these.  The light was beautiful, the noses were snotty, the pants got dirty, but you can't tell me you can't see the love here, and that's all that matters.

Enjoy!  If you would love your own family session please enquire at hello@nataliem.com.au .


Baby Ava | Newborn Photos in Geelong

Baby Ava came in a few weeks ago for her newborn photography session and the first thing I thought had to be....ohmygoshthatHAIR!   She has a beautiful head of thick black hair and she is just such a stunning little baby! She also happily slept through the session like a dream baby and we got some beautiful shots of her.  Enjoy xx.


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Mother's Day Mini Sessions - Jane, Finlay & Angus | Family Portraits Ocean Grove

So here are with another gorgeous mini session from this month's Mother's Day Mini Session Pamper Day! Finlay and my little boy are kinder friends, so as the mother of a 5 year old, I know how this age can be just a bit challenging when it comes to getting images of them without the funny faces and super cool kid poses!  They are jokers at this age, always wanting to make us laugh and hamming it up whenever they see a camera pointed at them.   It's cute, but you also want to capture those serious moments, when they are their thoughtful little selves, the little boy and girl only mum and dad know.

Then we have little Angus at 15 months, an age which is usually happy one moment, grumpy child the next!  But Angus was full of smiles and cuddles for his mum and big brother.

I loved getting these mums IN the photos with their kids.   I know us photographers go on and on about it all the time, but how many of us used to go through (or still do!) our old baby albums when we were little?    Photos are one of the only ways we can relive these moments.   One day they will be everything!    And as cliche as it sounds, in the blink of an eye these little boys will be men and all of us mums will treasure the photographs of those silly faces, sloppy kisses, snotty noses and muddy clothes.

And once again, thanks to Penney from World Organics for the gorgeous makeup!

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Natural Newborn Photography Geelong | Baby Harper

I remember two things mostly vividly from baby  Harper's session day - her beautiful head of hair and how hot it was!    My car's aircon is a bit dodgy and with the sun beating down at about 39/40 degrees that day, it was definitely a relief that Harper's mum and dad had aircon! Harper was about two weeks old at the session so not quite the sleepy newborn anymore, but with big gorgeous eyes and such a pretty face, she was still a dream to photograph.    I couldn't believe it when she held her head up during one of the poses, for such a long time!  I have a feeling she's going to grow up into a beautiful little girl with a ton of personality.

Enjoy xx.

Natural Newborn Photography in Ocean Grove | Dougie's Family

I've just spent the weekend with my stepdaughter's school project - a 'newborn' doll that is programmed to act and respond like a newborn, requiring intermittent burping, feeding, and changing.   With my own son almost 3 years old, it's been 3 years since I got to enjoy those first few weeks of life with a new baby and the doll definitely made me think back to those times.     Those first few weeks are such a strange blend of feelings - of utter chaos and quiet routine,  days that don't have any discernible beginning or end and the endless cycle of feeds, nappy changes, baths, cuddles, and burps! For those of you who take the time to schedule a traditional newborn session with a photographer, you get a beautiful record of just how small and sweet your baby was for a few short weeks, but what about the other stuff, the real day to day stuff that seems so mundane at the time but you will wish you could remember?

So that's what we did with little Dougie & his family.  We captured how much of a water baby he was in the bath,  his feeding times with mum,  how much he disliked getting dressed out of the bath,  big sister Amelie's smiles, tantrums and playtime with dad, and just a simple day in the life of the family.

Hope you guys loved your photos, I'm delivering them tomorrow :)

Enjoy xx