Simple Baby Sessions Geelong | Baby Hazel

I love my newborn sessions - with their rich, beautiful colours and organic props.  I love being able to give every parent a unique setup that no other baby has, I love making the memories from that time a piece of art they can hang on the wall for many years. What I ALSO love though,  is the complete bubble of love that new parents are in when they bring their baby in.  Yep, it's a bubble of sleep deprivation as well, but any of us who have had kids know how all absorbing and magical that first month is.  It's the only time in your life that you literally spend hours staring at the person you love.

So these new sessions, they have a whole different focus.  They aren't just about baby, they are all about family.    The focus is shifted towards capturing that love bubble,  and baby is photographed each time with connection - in the arms of their mum and dad or their sibling(s).

These sessions are for those parents who truly want me to capture the essence of those  first few weeks and the birth of their new family in whatever shape it is now in.   Individuals of baby are included, but these too, are simple and natural.

Baby Hazel came in a few weeks ago and these guys are the perfect example of what the Newborn Simplicity Sessions are all about.     They loved the shorter session style and how relaxed it was, and it wasn't a drama that baby Hazel didn't particularly feel like sleeping that day!

If this is what you want from your session,  book me :)

Enjoy baby Hazel and her beautiful family.


Baby Amelia | Geelong Newborn Photographer

Baby Amelia came in a few weeks ago with her family for her very own newborn session.    My favourite shot of the day has to be the image of Amelia with her little flopsy bunny, as her big sister has one just like it!  I bet when their little bunnies are tucked safely away somewhere years from now, that these images will be bring back all the feelings and memories of the first few years for mum and dad.   Love it.

Newborn Photos Geelong | Baby Harry

Sweet little baby Harry was in my studios a few weeks ago for his newborn session, along with his big bro. We stuck to some beautiful neutral colours for Harry's session, which suited his cute little self!  I love how curled up he was in his first wrap, like a little bundle.

Enjoy Harry's beautiful images :)

Family Photography Ocean Grove and Geelong | Family Portraits

I caught up with these guys a few weeks ago at a bush reserve in Ocean Grove.  Perfect weather after a long bout of totally random rain! Believe it or not, this was their first professional photo session.  Having known Ellen for a few years, I knew she was a tiny bit suspicious of pro photography and family sessions and she really wanted to avoid a feeling like the images were fake or contrived.  Thankfully, so do I!

As you can see though (and yay, these guys were very happy with their session!),  there were lots of real, genuine laughs and the boys had a lot of fun.

Enjoy the photos xx

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5 things you need to know about MODERN family portraits.

If you're anything like me, you've had a good laugh at those Facebook viral posts going around showing the 'worst' family photos.  What most of them have in common is matching clothes and miserable family members - and the odd strange haircut or two. Luckily, modern family portraits are a whole different ballgame.

Gone are the days of everyone standing or sitting in a neat pile of fake smiling bodies.  Instead, we actually have FUN on family sessions.  Genuine fun.









It's all about taking time out from your real life to  focus and celebrate your little family, in whatever shape it comes in.   Just for an hour or so, all you have to do is cuddle and tickle those kids.

And honestly?  We are all so busy - dealing with daycares or kinders or school, working, making dinner, that secret washing pile -  that it's actually nice to take time out from all that and JUST be together. Here are 5 things you should know about having a family session:

1.  It's a joint effort.

Yep.  Each session is a joint effort between me, and your family.  You guys bring the love and I bring the ability to capture it in a way that brings out the best in all of you.  That means allowing you to relax, be yourself and most importantly, giving you guidance before and during the session.   A prepared family isn't a stressed family, beyond the usual kids tanties!










2.  Posing is not a dirty word

Posing doesn't mean forced!

I pose all my families into a general position because it makes THEM look good, it's pleasing to the eye and highlights the physical connection between each family member.    Here's the thing though, what you do IN that position is what I capture - you can still cuddle, love, tickle and show affection in each pose, and look good doing it!

3.  It really is fun

With a good photographer, kids actually enjoy family sessions.  You know why?  Because you're totally focused on THEM.   No phones, no dinner making, no housework.    And you will too, because how often in real life do we get to just sit down, laugh and cuddle our family for an hour with no distractions!

4.  Preparation is everything

All my clients get a What to Wear Guide and plenty of session tips before the day.    When you know what you're wearing, you know how to prepare the kids for the session and you know everything well in advance, then the outing becomes something you look forward to!  Of course everyone worries about their kids not behaving on the day, but kids don't need to "sit down and smile" anymore - they will smile because their mum or dad is cuddling them!

5.  It's quick!

Also mostly gone are the days of 2 hour plus sessions, and multiple images of the same pose with the same expression.    My sessions are around 45 minutes, because with kids we need to work quickly, make it fun and make it real.  In just 45 minutes or so, I will end up with 50 unique images of you and your family - some more formal (looking at the camera!) and some where you are just being you.


I've never seen anyone regret having a family session.  Leave the house, enjoy the sun, cuddle those kids and end up with images you love!