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Baby Evelyn | Ocean Grove Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Evelyn came in a few weeks ago for her newborn session.  She looks like such a little doll in these images, and check out that eye contact.  Having seen her today so mum and dad can see their images, rest assured this little one is only getting cuter!
Enjoy xx


Newborn Photography Geelong_0937Newborn Photography Geelong_0938Newborn Photography Geelong_0939Newborn Photography Geelong_0940Newborn Photography Geelong_0941Newborn Photography Geelong_0942Newborn Photography Geelong_0943Newborn Photography Geelong_0944Newborn Photography Geelong_0945Newborn Photography Geelong_0946Newborn Photography Geelong_0947Newborn Photography Geelong_0948Newborn Photography Geelong_0949

Newborn Photography Geelong | Baby Seb

Gorgeous baby Seb came in to see me a while ago for his perfect little newborn photography session.   He was not a fan at all of being naked, being asleep or being asleep while naked!  So lots of wrapping for this little one :)    And a shout out to his mama, who seriously rocked her mum & baby shots!  (dad too, don’t worry!).
Seb’s little sister also did a great job.  As most photographers will tell you, getting the sibling shot is probably the trickiest of all the setups, so it’s always great to get so many good ones!

Enjoy xx


Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0390Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0391Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0392Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0393Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0395Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0396Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0397Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0398Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0399Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0400Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0401Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0402Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0403Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0404Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0405Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0406Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0407

Baby Zander | Baby Photography Geelong

Baby Zander came in to see me last week for his newborn photos.  He smiled a lot through his session, but it only ever happened when I wasn’t holding the camera!    Cheeky boy.
I did manage to capture a few though :)

If you would like your own newborn session please get in touch early as newborns are best photographed in the first 5-12 days of life.


Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0329Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0330Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0331Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0332Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0333Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0334Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0335Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0336Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0337Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0338


Baby Ryder | Natural baby photography Ocean Grove

Even though most of the babies I see are around the same age and have only just been welcomed into the world,   they are all so incredibly different. Some are so chilled they barely open their eyes, some are smiling and interacting so early it’s amazing and some are just a bundle of wriggling limbs!
Baby Ryder was definitely in the relaxed camp!  He is just the kind of baby who takes everything in their stride, who loves to just watch the world go by.   He was not a big fan of sleep at all, but he was happy and relaxed and that’s all you can ask for isn’t it?

I always find babies tend to ‘fall into’ their own little one of a kind positions, and while I do love it when they are asleep and I can pose them so nicely – there is something even sweeter about those babies who are truly determined to have their little hands a certain way!   One day it will be hard for parents to remember these little details, so it is great to capture them.

Ryder’s mum and dad wanted some relaxed and natural baby photography, so I hope they are happy with these!

If you would like to book your own newborn session – just click here!

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