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Baby Audrey | Ocean Grove Newborn Photos

Baby Audrey came in a few weeks ago and not only does she have the most beautiful name, but she had the most expressive little features as well!  Lots of smiles and big beautiful eye contact,  she is going to be one smart little girl.
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Hello baby!

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Baby William | Newborn Photographer Geelong

Baby William came in to see me a few weeks ago for his newborn photography session  and boy – let’s just say I will never forget this little poop monster!    Sometimes newborn sessions really are filled with the funniest moments, and right at the end, after a record amount of poop, little William almost exploded onto his poor mum!  I wish I had gotten the photo!
Big sister Mackenzie was also an absolute superstar and how gorgeous do they look together?

Enjoy xx




Baby Hannah | Newborn Photos Geelong

Gorgeous baby Hannah came in to the studio last week for her newborn session and um, LOOK at that gorgeous whispy blonde hair!
Big brother Tom was such a little pocket rocket, I really had to pull out the big guns to keep him entertained and lets just say we had a number of very large garbage trucks everywhere!  Whatever works though, it’s such a long time for a little one to wait.

After lots and lots of milk, baby Hannah finally fell into a deeper sleep (still with some little frown lines though!) and we got these gorgeous images of her.


Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0207Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0208Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0209Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0210

Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0214Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0222Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0223Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0224
Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0217Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0218Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0219
Newborn Photography Ocean Grove_0221

Baby Kai | Newborn Photography Ocean Grove

Baby Kai came in for a cuddle today (well,  so his mum could choose photos but priorities!) so I figured it was a great time to blog his session!
I have to admit, I do get a little attached to all the babies who come into see me.  They are all so completely different, and I remember different things about all of them.

Kai?  I remember his amazing eyelashes,   what a sweet little face he has, and how much he didn’t like to sleep!

There is no doubt in mind that Kai is one adored little baby, and while everyone thanks me for my patience with their babies, I really should be thanking them.

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