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Newborn Safety in Newborn Photography – Why it matters

Wait what?  Newborn ‘safety’?  I thought you were just going to take photos of my baby?


I’m sure that’s what some of you are thinking right now right?  But safety in in the newborn photography industry is a valid concern, and something every mum and dad needs to consider when booking a photographer.  We are one of the first people you take your new baby to, and one of the first who will be positioning, holding, settling and being in physical control of your baby.

Newborn photography involves much more than just placing a baby down on a rug and taking some photos – it is hands on.     As a result, it’s absolutely essential that you place your trust into someone who is educated on baby safety within this context.


Is it unsafe?

Newborn photography is not an unsafe practice, however like anything involving a baby, safety is paramount.     Newborns are placed in bowls/baskets that were not made for newborns in mind.  They are posed into positions that while are totally comfortable for the newborn – are still essentially unnatural.

Some poses are only safe as ‘composite images’ (two images merged into one) as babies cannot support themselves in those positions.  Those images you see on pinterest of the baby with their hands holding up their chin?    Those are two images photoshopped together so that someone was always holding the baby’s head in position.

Some setups do require babies to be closely spotted so they are always safe if they happen to move and change positions.

Setups with siblings also need to be monitored very closely by everyone in the room, just as they would be at home.


What to look for in a Newborn Photographer?

  • It is essential that the photographer you choose has insurance.  Would you go to a midwife, or doctor or doula or any other person who will handle your baby, without insurance?  If the answer is no, the same should apply to your newborn photographer, who will be handling your baby for up to 3 hours at only 7-10 days old.

  • Your photographer should have had some kind of training/education in newborn photography and safety.   Many of us attend workshops, seminars, private one on one sessions or online courses.

  • Solid business systems including hygeine practices.    Newborns do poop, vomit, spit up and pee on all our props.  A system should be in place so that you know your baby is being placed in and on clean props.

  • Immunised against whooping cough and other childhood diseases – enough said!

While photography is a wonderful hobby – newborn photography is a specialist genre that needs to be taken seriously from a safety perspective.

Go to someone experienced, ask them questions – check it out as you would anyone else who is going to be responsible for your child.


Choosing a Newborn photographer | Ocean Grove & Geelong Newborn Photographer



Although I consider myself a ‘family photographer’ and love all types of family related sessions, there is something about newborn photography that makes it special.

Much of a newborn session is about patience. Waiting through feeds, waiting for baby to sleep, and waiting for baby to settle. I love being able to spend time talking to the parents and  I love how all of us mums so freely talk about those first few weeks, how long the birth was and how strange it is to suddenly be a parent or to become a parent of more than one or two. And of course, the lack of sleep!

It is an honour to be able to capture such a fleeting, special time – and any one who is a parent knows just how quickly this time disappears. Even when a slightly older baby comes in, just 6 weeks old, they no longer fit into their mother’s arms in the same curly way that a brand new baby does. They grow and grow in a blink of an eye.

With a first baby, the sessions are usually so calm and quiet, all three of us focused on baby. It’s nice to work in the stillness, with new parents whose entire lives have changed forever in one day.

For me, newborn photography is one of the most important sessions you can book, as just like a wedding, this time only happens once. No do-overs here.

So here are my three biggest tips in what to consider when booking a newborn photographer for your baby’s images.


Family Photography Geelong_0246Style

There are a few different types of newborn photography but the most common are ‘posed’ versus ‘lifestyle’. Posed usually involves getting bubs asleep, and posing them on blankets or using props. These are the typical ‘newborn’ photos you have seen.

Lifestyle newborn is more of a ‘candid’ session, taking place in your own home, with mums and dads cuddling baby on the couch, giving baby a bath and other activities.

Style also means the look and feel of the images. Some photographers use bright colours and flowers. Others are light and airy. Choose a style that you can imagine on your wall.

For me? Nothing beats the simplicity of creams and neutrals, with just a splash of colour. I love to focus up close on baby.



20151023-20151023-IMG_5882-Edit-Edit Experience

Newborn photography is hard. There is no easy way to say it, it is! You need to get their skin tone right, be able to edit baby acne and redness, have them posed nicely so they don’t look disproportioned or have their little ‘baby bits’ showing. You need to be able to settle them and have super human wrapping skills and trust me, getting Mr Two or Miss Three to cuddle their new baby sibling without having a tantrum is not always easy!

All in a 2-4 hour session.

Just remember, your baby is never going to be this small again. The newborn phase is precious and magical. I say this with love – have a budget, but no one great at this IS going to be ‘cheap’.




Safety is a big one. Some poses that you may have seen in your pinterest travels are what we call ‘composites’. They are two photos merged into one via photoshop.

Some inexperienced photographers trying out poses do not know this, and have put babies in dangerous situations, not realising that the professional images have edited out a hand that has been supporting baby’s head.

Please make sure that whatever newborn photographer you choose has the experience to handle your baby safely!




I strongly recommend chatting to your newborn photographer in person or on the phone or online before you book to make sure you are a good fit.

The reality is, you will be spending up to three hours together during the session together,  so  it is really important you feel comfortable!  Babies do pick up on mum’s moods and tension, which is why it’s imperative that mum feel relaxed with the photographer.

If you are someone who wants to bring a lot of props to the session, check that that’s all good with your photographer.    If you are someone who wants to leave it all up to the photographer’s choices, then choose someone experienced with a definitive style.





I hope these tips have helped!

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