Simple Baby Sessions Geelong | Baby Hazel

I love my newborn sessions – with their rich, beautiful colours and organic props.  I love being able to give every parent a unique setup that no other baby has, I love making the memories from that time a piece of art they can hang on the wall for many years.
What I ALSO love though,  is the complete bubble of love that new parents are in when they bring their baby in.  Yep, it’s a bubble of sleep deprivation as well, but any of us who have had kids know how all absorbing and magical that first month is.  It’s the only time in your life that you literally spend hours staring at the person you love.

So these new sessions, they have a whole different focus.  They aren’t just about baby, they are all about family.    The focus is shifted towards capturing that love bubble,  and baby is photographed each time with connection – in the arms of their mum and dad or their sibling(s).

These sessions are for those parents who truly want me to capture the essence of those  first few weeks and the birth of their new family in whatever shape it is now in.   Individuals of baby are included, but these too, are simple and natural.

Baby Hazel came in a few weeks ago and these guys are the perfect example of what the Newborn Simplicity Sessions are all about.     They loved the shorter session style and how relaxed it was, and it wasn’t a drama that baby Hazel didn’t particularly feel like sleeping that day!

If this is what you want from your session,  book me :)

Enjoy baby Hazel and her beautiful family.


Newborn Photos Geelong | Baby Harry

Sweet little baby Harry was in my studios a few weeks ago for his newborn session, along with his big bro.
We stuck to some beautiful neutral colours for Harry’s session, which suited his cute little self!  I love how curled up he was in his first wrap, like a little bundle.

Enjoy Harry’s beautiful images :)

Baby Paxton | Baby Photos in Ocean Grove

A couple of years ago big brother Ryder came in as a newborn and now here he is back with mum, dad and his new baby sister Paxton!
It’s always so cool when my clients come back, and I’m so lucky that it happens all the time and I do get to see the kids grow from a tiny newborn to a rambunctious toddler!

Enjoy baby Paxton’s beautiful session.

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Baby Evelyn | Ocean Grove Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Evelyn came in a few weeks ago for her newborn session.  She looks like such a little doll in these images, and check out that eye contact.  Having seen her today so mum and dad can see their images, rest assured this little one is only getting cuter!
Enjoy xx


Newborn Photography Geelong_0937Newborn Photography Geelong_0938Newborn Photography Geelong_0939Newborn Photography Geelong_0940Newborn Photography Geelong_0941Newborn Photography Geelong_0942Newborn Photography Geelong_0943Newborn Photography Geelong_0944Newborn Photography Geelong_0945Newborn Photography Geelong_0946Newborn Photography Geelong_0947Newborn Photography Geelong_0948Newborn Photography Geelong_0949

Baby Audrey | Ocean Grove Newborn Photos

Baby Audrey came in a few weeks ago and not only does she have the most beautiful name, but she had the most expressive little features as well!  Lots of smiles and big beautiful eye contact,  she is going to be one smart little girl.
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Family Photography Geelong_0895Family Photography Geelong_0896Family Photography Geelong_0897Family Photography Geelong_0898Family Photography Geelong_0899

Hello baby!

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Newborn Safety & Newborn Photography | Geelong Newborn Photography

Newborn Safety in Newborn Photography – Why it matters

Wait what?  Newborn ‘safety’?  I thought you were just going to take photos of my baby?


I’m sure that’s what some of you are thinking right now right?  But safety in in the newborn photography industry is a valid concern, and something every mum and dad needs to consider when booking a photographer.  We are one of the first people you take your new baby to, and one of the first who will be positioning, holding, settling and being in physical control of your baby.

Newborn photography involves much more than just placing a baby down on a rug and taking some photos – it is hands on.     As a result, it’s absolutely essential that you place your trust into someone who is educated on baby safety within this context.


Is it unsafe?

Newborn photography is not an unsafe practice, however like anything involving a baby, safety is paramount.     Newborns are placed in bowls/baskets that were not made for newborns in mind.  They are posed into positions that while are totally comfortable for the newborn – are still essentially unnatural.

Some poses are only safe as ‘composite images’ (two images merged into one) as babies cannot support themselves in those positions.  Those images you see on pinterest of the baby with their hands holding up their chin?    Those are two images photoshopped together so that someone was always holding the baby’s head in position.

Some setups do require babies to be closely spotted so they are always safe if they happen to move and change positions.

Setups with siblings also need to be monitored very closely by everyone in the room, just as they would be at home.


What to look for in a Newborn Photographer?

  • It is essential that the photographer you choose has insurance.  Would you go to a midwife, or doctor or doula or any other person who will handle your baby, without insurance?  If the answer is no, the same should apply to your newborn photographer, who will be handling your baby for up to 3 hours at only 7-10 days old.

  • Your photographer should have had some kind of training/education in newborn photography and safety.   Many of us attend workshops, seminars, private one on one sessions or online courses.

  • Solid business systems including hygeine practices.    Newborns do poop, vomit, spit up and pee on all our props.  A system should be in place so that you know your baby is being placed in and on clean props.

  • Immunised against whooping cough and other childhood diseases – enough said!

While photography is a wonderful hobby – newborn photography is a specialist genre that needs to be taken seriously from a safety perspective.

Go to someone experienced, ask them questions – check it out as you would anyone else who is going to be responsible for your child.


Baby Ella | Geelong Photographers

Baby Ella had her newborn session with me a few weeks ago and she has continued my trend of babies with lots of hair in lately!  Such a pretty little girl, she was lucky enough to have her grandparents visiting her all the way from Ireland too!
Enjoy xx



Geelong Photographer | Elsie May

Elsie May was in last week for her newborn session and was just like a little doll – if dolls could be this pretty!  Big beautiful eyes and some funny little smiles, she definitely rocked her session.
Elsie’s mum and dad told me that they definitely wanted to capture some of the little things she did – like the way she would have her hands near her face and arms up when she slept – so that’s what we captured.  We were lucky to also get a few awake shots at the beginning of her session.

Enjoy! xx

Baby William | Newborn Photographer Geelong

Baby William came in to see me a few weeks ago for his newborn photography session  and boy – let’s just say I will never forget this little poop monster!    Sometimes newborn sessions really are filled with the funniest moments, and right at the end, after a record amount of poop, little William almost exploded onto his poor mum!  I wish I had gotten the photo!
Big sister Mackenzie was also an absolute superstar and how gorgeous do they look together?

Enjoy xx




Baby Jarvis | Geelong Newborn Photos

Baby Jarvis came in a few weeks ago for his newborn session and I have to admit, my most vivid memory of the session is Jarvis soaking his poor dad in the longest wee I’ve ever seen a newborn do!    This, and Jarvis’ YAWNS.  He had full body mega yawns, so glad I caught one!
Other than that though, I can say that Baby Jarvis also loved being warm, and with the heater blaring, we all melted through the session.

Luckily he is also a gorgeous, gorgeous baby who finally fell into a snuggly sleep and we got these!



(no dads were permanently hurt in the making of these images!)



Baby O | Newborn Images Ocean Grove

Baby O came in a few weeks ago to the studio for his newborn photography session and he was definitely one of the biggest little boys I’ve had in!  At 13 days old he was all filled out, with chubby cheeks already and like most boys, gorgeous lashes!
He took a bit of convincing to get to sleep but once he was we got the sweetest photos of him.



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